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Arabia unites culture and modernity, endless sights and metropolis, religion and art, desert and sea. There is nearly no other place on earth with such a huge quantity of luxury accommodation than Arabia.

50 years ago there was nothing but desert. Today we find there Dubai. Probably the most famous of the emirates. The former village whose inhabitants used to earn their lives by trading pearls, is now, after the successful exploitation of the oil-wells, a vibrant metropolis. They proudly claim to have the best hotels on Earth. Next to the architectural championship monuments as the Burj Khaliga or the 7Star hotel Burj Al Arab, Dubai also has some hotels which are built in a traditional style. Shopping is very important in Dubai. There you can visit one of spacious modern malls or you can enjoy one of the traditional Souks. For all demands Dubai offers something fitting for his guests.

Also Abu Dhabi holds fantastic attractions for its guests. There is the formula1 racecourse and the legendary Emirates Palace. It is in fact the palace of a sheik which has been converted to a hotel. Surrounded by the desert which lures the guest out with adventurous desert safaris and romantic dinner setting under the star spangled night skies. The hotels of Abu Dhabi are very luxurious.

For the combination of a beach holiday and a city trip the emirates Ras Al Khaimah, Fujeirah or Sharjah are highly recommendable. Here we find luxurious Beach resorts and the most beautiful beaches where you can forget about daily hustle and bustle.

Arabia is diversified and wins with luxury, high safety standards, beaches, culture and desert.

Finally Oman. This is the orient with all its facets, odours and bazars. Here we specially mention the metropolis Muscat and the enchanting region of Musandam.

All this you can experience with INTOSOL on the highest luxurious level!

Our specialists for Arabia know all the various destinations and accommodation personally. In a personal and qualified counselling interview, we find out about your individual wishes and expectations, and provide advice for your trip of a lifetime. Further you’ll get your individual proposal for your circular trip as an impressive VIRTOSOL- multimedia presentation. Probably you have the wish to do some amendments of your trip, we will do it for you because we want you to have your trip of your lifetime.

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