Mahale Mountains National Park –

- A Natural Paradise on Tanganyika Lake -

Off the beaten track and as far from civilisation as it gets, the Mahale Mountains National Park is a natural paradise gracing the surroundings of beautiful Tanganyika Lake. No roads lead to the stunning Mahale Mountains; it can only be reached by light aircraft.

The scenery is awe-inspiring: The Tanganyika’s turquoise waters are framed by brilliantly white sand beaches. Behind the beach rises a tangle of pristine jungle. Occasionally, the Mahale Mountains are draped in tufts of clouds and fog, which sink down to the lake’s surface and create a mystic flair that might have been copied straight from an Indiana Jones’ movie.

Despite the park’s remote location, you are not alone. The Mahale Mountains and the shore of Lake Tanganyika are inhabited by one of the last large chimpanzee populations. The 1,600 square kilometres large mountain reserve houses more than 1000 of the wild monkeys. The population is of paramount importance for the survival of the species. Scientists from the University of Kyoto are permanently monitoring the animals in a long-term study. Visitors to this unspoilt mountains sanctuary are welcome but the number of beds in the park is strictly limited. Only two camps were granted a concession.

It is a pleasure for INTOSOL to introduce you to the wonders of Mahale and secure one of the few beds for you, which are in high demand.

Nomad Greystoke Mahale – Luxury Lodge in an exclusive Setting

Barefoot in Paradise – the Nomad Greystoke Mahale is an enchanted destination on the banks of the picturesque Tanganyika Lake in Tanzania. A golden beach, deep blue to turquoise water and a bright, African sky above – the setting is so incredibly beautiful, the contrasting colours so marked, it touches the soul. The Nomad Greystoke complements the setting perfectly, snuggling beneath lush, green palm trees. The luxury camp has been designed along the lines of a Bedouin Camp. The fine comforts, intriguing design and stunning setting make the Nomad Greystoke a comfortable hideaway par excellence – tucked away deep in the wilderness of eastern Africa.

Another unique feature of the Greystoke is the ecologically-friendly construction. As much as possible, only bio-degradable materials were used for the luxury lodge. Spend your holiday in the reassuring knowledge that every measure to protect the environment has been taken. It goes without saying that such an exclusive accommodation calls for unsurpassed gourmet cuisine. The delicacies served are of highest quality and freshness: A gourmet’s delight, the scrumptious fish comes straight from the lake at your feet!

The culinary creations are served either in the elegant dining tent or open-air beneath Africa’s twinkling night sky. Despite the high standards, there is no dress-code – a wilderness setting makes dining barefoot only natural! After dinner, the cosy bar is a popular meeting place over a few delicious drinks. Allow INTOSOL to introduce you to the charming Nomad Greystoke Mahale – an extraordinary accommodation with an arresting flair! read more »