- Aged Elegance, Young Temperament, Natural Beauty and Sophisticated Delicacies -

Fair Italy has always bedazzled the senses and charmed the heart – the list of admirers is long. And one of the most famous is Johann Wolfgang Goethe, who expressed his wonder in countless poems and novellas. Like no other country in Europe, Bella Italia offers magical charms in great diversity. Certainly, the geographical location and shape of the country greatly promotes the diversity and travellers are put to the hard choice of selecting their destination highlights within a country boasting countless.

The Italian boot reaches from snow-covered peaks in the north far into the Mediterranean Sea. More than 8500 kilometres of coastline are peppered with sun-kissed beaches and rocky headlands framed by turquoise waters. Not to forget the cultural riches, the historic monuments and invaluable antiques on exposition at the numerous galleries and museums. Italy's long and turbulent history has seen wealth beyond measure, rising political might and sudden downfalls.

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However, what really makes the difference between any other destination and Italy is the jovial hospitality, the people's boisterous cheerfulness and, last but not least, the spectacular Italian cuisine.

Allow INTOSOL to introduce you to the best the Mediterranean country has to offer: Experience luxurious and romantic accommodation …. in a castle atop a hill, a private villa or manor house, former convents or quaint country residences! Savour the fragrance of dinner cooking on a wood fire, the aroma of lavender and citrus drifting on a warm evening breeze and rest your eyes on gleaming sunflower fields and ancient olive orchards. Welcome to Italy!

Italian Islands

Apart from the vast main land, Italy encompassed a myriad of paradisical islands and archipelagos. Of course, the largest and most famous are Sicily and Sardinia, which create the outer border of the Tyrrhenian Sea as part of the Mediterranean Sea.

Both islands are highly recommendable destinations: Sardinia, its lonely white beaches and bizarre rock formations, is still being traded as an insider's secrets. Quite the contrary, Sicily is rather popular. It offers not only the awe-inspiring Etna but moreover countless archaeological sights. The smaller islands and archipelagos, among others, include the Tuscan Island grouped around Elba, the Pontini Islands and beautiful Capri.

No matter which parts of Italy you ultimately decide to visit, two things are certain: You can be sure to experience some of Italy's most extravagant accommodations and secondly, you will be back!

North Italy

North Italy is as beautiful as it is diverse. Drive into valleys hidden high and deep in the Alps, stroll the lush gardens blossoming around the Upper Italian lakes or saunter down Milan's streets alive with fashion and art. And then, of course, you may delightfully loose yourself in the narrow alleyways of the age-old cities dating back to Medieval or Renaissance days. Especially recommendable in Tuscany are Florence, Siena, Pisa and Lucca; Perugia, Gubbio, Assisi and Todi in Umbria and Urbino and Ascoli Piceno in the Marche region.

The heart of Italy is a land blessed with a perfect climate, pastel colours and rolling hills wrapped cypress perfume. Tuscany, Umbria and Marche are Italian's haven for stressed souls and deprived palates.

South Italy & Amalfi Coast

The South offers different magic that is no less charming. Savour the warm weather, visit the age-old cities like Naples or Pompeii or explore the secret nooks and crannies of the Amalfi Coast or Calabria.

However, words can hardly substitute the experience: Come and see for yourself and live the Dolce Vita with INTOSOL. Italy is a country best enjoyed with all five senses. Allow us to take you on a journey to Italy's most celebrated highlights and luxurious hotels!

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