Indonesia -

- A Land of Thousand Islands -

Like pearls laid out on green velvet, the Indonesian archipelago rises out of the ocean just between the Asian and the Australian continent. It is quite a task to count the islands but estimates place the total at 17,505 islands, of which only just above 6000 are inhabited. Many of these islands are fabulous and well known destinations. The names “Borneo”, “Java”, “Sumatra” and, of course, “Bali” all have a ring that hints at the wonders to be expected.

Allow INTOSOL to take you on a journey to a far and fascinating part of the world: discovering exotic cultures, ceremonies and traditions in combination with magnificent beaches.

In addition to the larger islands, Indonesia boasts countless small islets. There is so much diversity that it is hard to grasp. More than 600 different languages are spoken in Indonesia, hidden coves lie close to historic temples and the flora and fauna are unique!


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We at INTOSOL can only hope to provide a first introduction to Indonesia: years would not suffice to get more than a first impression. Indonesia is a world framed by ocean. One or our favourite islands is certainly Bali with its sophisticated luxury hotels. Nearby Lombok boasts especially lush vegetation and then there is the Borobudur temple to name just some of the attractions.

Without any room for doubt, Indonesia is a destination for nature enthusiasts and adventurers: climb to the top of rugged volcanic mountains, immerse yourself in the tropical nature to admire the colourful flora and fauna or just take an endless stroll down one of the countless beaches.

Indonesia is a paradise that is a wide and varied as it is beautiful. Most Indonesians are Muslims, however, countless Buddhist temples can also be found throughout the country. And then there is the great diversity of Indonesia’s tropical nature that includes the beauty found beneath the waves! Rising out of the forest, countless volcanoes dominate the landscape. Indonesia has the highest number of active volcanoes in the world.

The mild, tropical climate favours temperatures that hardly ever drop below 25 degrees Celsius. Humidity is high in the summer months and drops drastically in winter.

Bali may serve as the perfect introduction to Indonesia: Kick back on the white sand beaches, admire the terraced rice plantations or stop for a chat with the charming and hospitable locals. Yogyarkarta is located on Java Island’s south coast. Forty two kilometres northwest lies Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist temple. It was extensively restored between 1973 and 1984 and received a listing as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1991.

Borobudur is an awe-inspiring site. Climb up a few steps and stroll the vast terraces – an unforgettable experience! Sulawesi Island is a popular destination for excursions into the jungle and diving along the coasts. The volcanic island set on the equator boasts a magnificent flora and fauna. But then, no visit would be complete without having visited the Toraja people, who are especially well known for their elaborate funeral rituals. An age-old custom still in use today, the Toraja place carved figures in front of the grave dug into the cliff face.

Lombok –quite incredibly when considering its diverse landscapes, wonderful beaches and fantastic dive sites- was only recently discovered as a tourism destination. The coastline ranges from perfect sand beaches to rocky cliffs commanding breathtaking views out over ocean and islands. Lombok has wide stretches of dry and rugged countryside that forms a striking contrast with Bali’s lush greenery. Despite the two islands being located close together, they are in separate climate zones.

Give us a call and let us know about your plans and ideas. It will be a pleasure for the experienced team of INTOSOL travel consultants to tailor a dream holiday to your specifications!

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