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Ex Crown Colony, Chinese Mystery and Trendy Metropolis

Hong Kong is many things but certainly not simple. Hong Kong, a former British crown colony, today a so-called special administrative region, is located on China’s southern coast. Geographically, Hong Kong comprises Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories and no less than 262 islands. More than seven million people call the sprawling metropolis a home. Translated into English, the name “Hong Kong” means “fragrant harbour”. While the claim of the literal name is certainly open to question, is can undoubtedly be said that Hong Kong is celebrated for its fascinating fusion of Western with Oriental traditions. Set out to explore the city’s many facets and make up your own mind what Hong Kong is all about. Let your eyes climb the sky-high buildings or rest on the vast glittering harbour’s expanse, the New Territories’ rolling green hills forming the backdrop. The Peak is the perfect look-out to admire the metropolis in all its splendour. Since 1988, the historic Peak Tram has been taking passengers up the steep climb to the viewpoint. Having admired the skyline from a distance, get down to the bottom of it in the Avenue of Stars in Kowloon. Hong Kong’s movie stars at your feet, you gaze keeps jumping back and forth between the soaring heights and the star-strewn pavement. A giant even for Hong Kong skyline standards is the world’s tallest hotel. The luxurious Ritz Carlton Hong Kong offers magnificent views from not only the 118th top floor located at 490 metres above street level. Hong Kong is famous for its colourful and vibrant street markets. Highlights, certainly, are the Temple Street Night Market or the Jade Market. Admire the bustling activity and the exotic marvels on sale with all five senses, possibly picking up a portable memory to take back home with you. Located half-way between the Kowloon Peninsula and Hong Kong Island lies the Victoria Harbour. Take a cruise with the celebrated Star Ferry: China’s vast natural harbour offers a breathtaking view of the city. An exciting day with or without kids may be had at the Ocean Park Hong Kong. The Ocean Park is a long-standing institution in Hong Kong. The popular theme park first opened to the public in 1977 and combines fun and excitement with science facts and nature. Hong Kong would not be the same without its superb theme parks: Hong Kong Disneyland is a world of magic and adventure. Mickey Mouse and friends welcome you to their home in China and ensure a thrilling and unforgettable day. Experience Hong Kong in all its inspiring variety and cultural diversity! It will be a pleasure for the professional team of INTOSOL travel consultants to tailor a Hong Kong trip to your specifications! We are looking forward to your call!
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Hong Kong


HKD (Hong Kong Dollar)

Time zone

CET + 7 hours

Flight duration

11-13 hours


Chinese, English


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