Luxury Itineraries South America

- Exclusive Adventures from Deserts to Glaciers -

It is there, somewhere between grand colonial heritage, snow covered mountains peaks and glaciers, the endless wide open spaces of the pampas, lively cities and lush green rainforests that the true character of South America may be found. There is all the colourful, multi-facetted diversity of an entire continent to be found that one trip is hardly sufficient to explore it all.

In Brazil, the sun-drenched land breathes the Samba rhythm in the cities Rio de Janeiro and Salvador during the world-famous Carnival. The country’s endlessly long beaches with their gently swaying coconut trees are among the finest in the world.
On the southern border with Argentina, the world famous Iguazú Falls easily compare to the Niagara Falls in North America and the Victoria Falls in Africa. Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires, on the Rio de la Plata sports a fascinating charm composed of European heritage coupled with the fiery flair of Tango dancing.

The Mendoza province is celebrated for its superb wines. A little further south, Valdes and Calafate are certainly worth a visit. Finally, there is Ushuaia with its famous Tren del Fin del Mundo. Is it really the end of the world - or perhaps much rather the beginning?

Skip across to Chile, strung along the Pacific coast of the continent, and explore southern Patagonia or the legendary Atacama Desert. Like a mysterious gem afloat alone far off the Chilean coast in the Pacific, lies the legendary Easter Island Rapa Nui.

Peru is famous for its ancient Inca towns and picturesque landscapes. You will never forget a sunrise over Machu Picchu! Cusco and Lake Titicaca are located at almost 4000 meters above sea level – literally breathtaking highlights. Certainly no visit to Ecuador is complete without a visit to the ancient Galapagos Islands despite their distance of more than 1,000 kilometres from the main land. Observe the unique flora and fauna that inspired Charles Darwin first-hand.

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