Mozambique –

- An undiscovered Paradise -

Mozambique … unfortunately the ring of the name calls images of civil war and political upheaval to mind. It is a great injustice. The civil war has long been ended and for over ten years now Mozambique has experienced a new era of peace. The 800 000 square kilometer large country is proud to have developed a stable democracy.

Not only is Mozambique peaceful, it is also one of the world’s most beautiful countries, featuring pristine natural landscapes and a coastline of startling splendor. Long beaches run the length of both the mainland and the countless islands peppering the Indian Ocean.

Despite the great natural beauty of the country, tourism is slow to catch on. The shadow of Mozambique’s past still influences many travelers’ decisions. However, this can also be considered a blessing: Mozambique offers you authentic culture and nature experiences, unedited and not commercialized. High-rise buildings and excessively large all-inclusive resorts are nowhere to be found. Instead, miles and miles of lonely beaches welcome the adventurous globetrotter.

The beaches are lined by intact coral reefs and a vibrant underwater life. Mozambique’s people are friendly and hospitable. The nature reserves offer pristine wildlife experiences.

Tourism is still a novelty in Mozambique and discovering the country is an experience that is both exciting and genuine. Local life continues unaffected.

Fishermen go out to sea in the early morning hours. Women bring their jars and canisters to the village’s well to fetch water for their day’s chores. And at night, the sound of singing, accompanied by pounding drums, carries across the beach – not as a show for tourists but an essential part of daily life.

Mozambique stands for live traditions and authenticity. Nevertheless, accommodation in Mozambique is luxurious and comfortable. The few hotels that the country sports do not need to fear comparison with European standards.

Discover Mozambique, unravel secrets and experience a country that has been spared the blemish of mass tourism. Allow INTOSOL to introduce you to Mozambique’s great natural and cultural splendour!

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