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- 50 countries, 50 stories vs history -

It must not always be the large distance to find experiences and relaxation. Europe has many interesting regions and cities to offer. The European capitals such as Paris or Athens are famous for their cultural riches, historical monuments and the wealth of ancient art treasures that can be found in countless galleries and museums. Nightlife and restaurants are able to compete with the best cities in the world.

Due to the short journey gives you more time at your holiday destination. The versatility and fascinating contrast between the landscapes makes it sometimes quite difficult for travelers to make a decision. Since they have the choice between eternally snow-covered Alpine peaks or the sunny coasts of southern Europe. Enjoy the sun, beach and sea on the coast and on the islands in the Mediterranean. You can enjoy your holiday to suit your taste. Sports enthusiasts can explore the slopes of the Alps or Pyrenees, fans of cycling ride the world-famous routes of the Tour de France.

A pilgrimage which leads to the Camino de Santiago through large parts of the continent. The GR 10 leads through the Pyrenees from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. This is a way for modern pilgrims and offers scenic attractions and also peace and quiet. But convince yourself and experience with us the treasures of Europe.

Our European specialists know the different countries and accommodation personally. In a qualified consultation we determine your needs and give you tips for your trip. You will then receive your personal travel proposal. We work so long on your dream journey until it is perfect for you!

We, from INTOSOL, invite you to enjoy this wonderful continent with all your senses and take you, as usual, to the most beautiful places and homes, this continent has to offer.
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