Luxury Travel Argentina

- A World of Possibilities -

Travel south and explore the untamed beauty of the country, neat vineyards and the Argentinian people – rough around the edges but with nostalgic hearts of pure gold. Interested? Talk to our experienced INTOSOL travel consultants and find out more about Argentina.

Argentina is South America’s second largest country, bordered by its larger neighbour Brazil in the north east. To the east lies Uruguay and the vast Atlantic Ocean. On its western border Argentina shares the Andes Mountains with Chile and in the north it is limited by green Bolivia and exotic Paraguay. Past Patagonia in the south, there lies only the distant Antarctica.

Capital and first city in Argentina is famous Buenos Aires on the Rio de la Plata. Buenos Aires can only be described in grand terms – an immense and sprawling metropolis that hides colonial treasures, features skyscrapers, wide avenues and romantic boulevards with a decidedly French flair.

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Join a guided tour and discover the sights of the former Spanish colony with the European flair before exploring the excellent shopping and vibrant nightlife. The tango is considered Argentina’s outstanding contribution to the international culture – and, certainly, Buenos Aires is the place to feel the beat and savour the mood of the tango.

Buenos Aires is full of life. It is more than a city – a colourful metropolis surrounded by the vast nothingness of the Pampa. Buenos Aires radiates a captivating charm!

However, the country has yet a lot more to offer: In the west, the scenic Argentinian Andes include both the American continent’s highest point, the Aconcagua (6962 metres), and its deepest with 100 metres below the sea level. In the north, where the countries Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet, the Iguazú Waterfalls send thundering torrents over a high cliff after a peaceful journey through lush green rainforests. A permanent mist hangs over the inspiring scenery.

Hundreds of kilometres to the south, San Carlos de Bariloche is set amidst a series of glittering lakes beneath towering mountain peaks. In the winter months, Bariloche is just perfect for skiing. In the summer, the Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi invites you to set off exploring with a pair of hiking boots or a mountain bike. The Andes are a natural playground for all outdoors and adventure enthusiasts!

Mendoza, on the other hand, is quiet, scenic and simply delicious: It is the traditional wine producing region and offers plenty of opportunity for sampling, sipping and savouring. And then, there are superb restaurants and the celebrated Argentinian beef steaks.

Argentina’s north-west features the country’s most charming colonial cities – and none is more charming than Salta. Set amidst a fertile valley in the foothills of the mighty Andes, Salta welcomes you with ancient churches, lively squares and numerous picturesque colonial buildings.

Another glowing recommendation goes to the Peninsula Valdés! Formerly a laid-back sheep farming region, is has acquired a brilliant reputation for wildlife observation in more recent days. Southern Right Whales may be spotted and a coastal hike may reward you with sightings of penguins, hunting orcas and countless sea birds.

Scenic wilderness is Calafate’s chief characteristic. Located on the edge of Lake Argentino and surrounded by the rugged beauty of the Patagonian steppe, the city is the gateway to Argentina lonely south. Visit the Laguna Nimez or the gigantic, still growing glacier Perito Moreno that spills out into the Largo Argentino. You may even hike across one of these ancient giants – a lifetime experience!

In the south, El Chalten is a natural Mecca for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Towering mountains reach down to deep and mysterious lakes. Spend memorable days on a trekking tour or click on a pair of skies for a thrilling ride down one of the steep mountain sides.

And then finally, where the world comes to an end, there lies the Ushuaia region – rugged and capricious, yet surreally beautiful! On an endlessly long and mild summer day you may set off hiking or mountain biking with daylight to last you deep into the night’s hours. And on a different day, board the Tren del Fin del Mundo. The region’s harbour on the Beagel Channel, with the Martial Mountains in the backdrop, is the last beacon of civilisation for ships headed out towards the distant Antarctica.

Argentina is vast and wonderful – spanning the distance from the tropics to the polar regions! Talk to our experienced team of INTOSOL travel consultants for more information. It will be a pleasure to design a tailored luxury itinerary for you!

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