Queensland’s Tropical North -

Rainforests & Beaches

Northern Queensland fascinates visitors with its immaculate beaches and tropical nature. Where the paved road ends in the north, the reef and the rainforest lean towards each other for a kiss in the lush Daintree Rainforest National Park. The unique beauty of the Daintree resulted in the national park’s listing as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. The reasons become immediately apparent: Sunlight slants through soaring and majestic trees high above.The light casts dancing spots on a narrow path winding through the brush dotted with colourful flowers. The vibrant green cosmos is alive with sounds and smells – a fantastic ambiance! The Daintree Rainforest is an 80,000 hectare large sanctuary of pure wilderness and includes the Cape Tribulation reserve. It is Australia’s largest protected lowland rainforest estimated at more than 100 million years of age – possibly the oldest rainforest worldwide! Ancient, giant trees, ferns, palm trees and thick carpets of moss are inhabited by equally diverse wildlife. Explore the Daintree River in a canoe or hike to the Mossman Gorge. Cape Tribulation can be reached on an adventurous 4x4 tour. Daintree has a lot to offer! Despite the untamed wilderness setting, northern Queensland offers sophisticated luxury accommodation. Bordering the rainforest, the Silky Oaks Lodge is considered one of Australia’s most spectacular hotels. Silky Oaks has become famous for its tree-house style and its extravagant spa facilities. Civilisation’s centre in the north is Cairns, a city nestling between rolling green hills and the ocean. Cairns features superb accommodation and easy access to the Great Barrier Reef and its islands. Furthermore, Cairns offers superb shopping, markets and a lively restaurant and café scene. It is an elegant and charming town perfect for exploring the north. Yet further north, Port Douglas and, to the south, Townsville are great alternatives for a base camp. The Coral Sea keeps your pulling your eyes towards the water: Countless idyllic islands pepper the Great Barrier Reef. Gracious Dunk Island is located only a few minutes off Mission Beach near Cairns. Even more exclusive, Bedarra Island, Hinchinbrook and Orpheus Island are also situated nearby. Discover the inspiring grandeur of the Barrier Reef: the beauty that can be found both above and below the waves! More information on the Great Barrier Reef and its islands is available in the INTOSOL section Great Barrier Reef. The mainland, the open-water reef or the islands – Queensland’s north will charm your senses, kiss your soul and conquer your heart! Please note: November to April is the both the rainy and the box-jellyfish season, poisonous jellyfish that make swimming at unprotected beaches strictly off-limits. INTOSOL recommends visiting the north in the dry season from May to October.

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Best season

May until November


Airplane to Cairns Airport


Beautiful beaches and tropical nature with unique rainforest areas and beautiful riffs


Swimming in the lagoon of Cairns, rafting, diving, snorkeling


Daintree National Park with Cape tribulations, Wooroonooran National Park

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