Highlights of Vietnam Itinerary –

Ha Noi, Ha Long Bay and Ho Chi Minh City

Experience Vietnam’s most stunning highlights with INTOSOL on a five day luxury trip. Vietnam is overwhelmingly beautiful and the refined accommodation leaves nothing to be desired – it is just too easy to fall in love with the country, its charming people and lush nature! On the first day, your journey starts in vibrant Ha Noi. Vietnam’s capital city is located in the North and is a major trading and business hub. Immerse yourself in the bustling crowds and visit the fabled Temple of Literature. Built unfathomable ages ago in the 11th century, the Temple of Literature is located in Ha Noi’s charming old town. It is a Confucian academy. In fact, it is Vietnam’s oldest university. Soak up the flair of the venerated temple of knowledge and enlightenment – a cultural treasure built at a time when most of the world was steeped in darkness! Not far from the Temple of Literature lies the famous Lake Hoan Kiem. The “sword lake”, as it is called by the locals, used to separate Ha Noi from the French colonial settlement. Today, the graceful Red Bridge connects both parts. While you cross over, keep your eyes peeled for the turtles that inhabit these waters. Legend has it that once a four hundred years old individual was found here. But then, you would best talk to the locals, who love to tell the story! Having crossed the picturesque Red Bridge, you arrive at the Ngoc Son Temple, which is generally considered Ha Noi’s most beautiful. Especially the entrance has been abundantly adorned with elaborate ornaments. In the interior, you may observe the ancient ritual of laying down sacrificial offerings – a place of peace and quiet! Afterwards, back on the lively streets, take a stroll through Ha Noi’s wonderful old town and admire the merchants’ colourful stands. Today you leave the capital Ha Noi travelling to Ha Long Bay. A private transfer allows for full flexibility and comfort, leaving you free to let your mind wander to the upcoming adventures. You leave the car for the benefit of a traditional junk with the bow pointed towards the legendary Ha Long Bay. Certainly, you will have seen images of the giant limestone pillars rising out of the ocean. However, it quite different to set your eyes on the real thing! Ha Long Bay has been declared a UNESCO world natural heritage site in 1994. Your fantasy takes flight as you gaze upon the bizarre formations, especially when exploring the Thien Cung Grotto with its ancient stalactites and stalagmites. As a wonderful day slowly draws to an end, you leave this wondrous region and head back to Ha Noi. Day three starts with a city tour through Ha Noi’s most traditional streets. Your guide will explain more about the city’s architecture and, most importantly, its people. A most notable highlight is the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. The fascinating building unites a number of traditional Vietnamese architectural elements like the sloping roof. Grey granite was used for the exterior walls. Countless pillars and the elevated position make the Mausoleum stand out. Quite the opposite, the One Pillar Pagoda is built from precious, dark timber and rises above a lake on a single, massive timber column. Richly adorned, the Pagoda once served as a house. Today, it is part of Vietnam’s cultural heritage and a place of meditative quiet. Obviously, you will glean quite a different impression from the famous Army Museum. Learn more about Vietnam’s troubled history, the city, its people and their past. Another highly recommendable attraction is the Museum of Fine Arts that features exhibitions by both national and international artists. The Museum of Ethnology focuses on the history of the Vietnamese people. The descriptive texts and exhibits graphically display life and change throughout the ages. By explaining the past it offers a key to understanding Vietnam’s present. In the late afternoon, you finally leave Ha Noi on a flight to Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known by the name Saigon. Today, you will get down and deep into Vietnam’s more recent and terrifying history. You will be visiting the Cu Chi tunnels. The intricate tunnel system was constructed by Vietnamese partisans as a hiding place from the US army during the war. It allowed the Vietnamese soldiers to hide in relative safety, waiting for an opportune moment to counterattack. One of the old soldiers will demonstrate vividly, how the crude but effective system functioned. It is a sad piece of history. However, it is also a marvel of ingenuity and it is also a striking experience to explore the vast tunnel systems. Return to Ho Chi Minh City and observe the bustling crowds on the streets. Visit the Historic Museum that focuses primarily on the history up to the 17th century and, more recently, the war. To take your mind of gruesome war images, visit the celebrated French colonial cathedral Notre Dame. It has become the centre of Christian faith in Vietnam. Next, you need to stop by the Central Post Office, a fine example of classic architecture at the start of the 20th century. Moreover, both the Central Post Office and the Notre Dame Cathedral are set amidst a charming colonial part of town that invites you to stroll the streets for a while or to settle down for a drink. As the day slowly draws to end, visit one of the city’s countless gourmet restaurants and treat yourself to a sumptuous dinner and select drinks. It is time to take it slow, revisiting the past day’s impressions in your mind. In most cases, of course, it is also time to look forward to the rest of your journey or your beach extension. Let us know about your plans and ideas. It will be a pleasure for the INTOSOL team to take care of all the necessary arrangements.
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