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Greece is famous for its amazingly diverse landscape. The rolling hills and imposing mountains such as Mount Olympus stand in contrast to the twisting coastline and beaches that embrace the mainland. The ever impressive coastline, divided into thousands of bays, make this country so astonishingly beautiful. Another amazing attraction of Greece are the islands, with their long beaches, which surround the country.



As the largest Greek island, Crete fascinates with its unique archaeological excavations, interesting caves, historic villages and fishing harbours and the unbelievably deep blue ocean. Visit breathtaking temples or other cultural sites of classic beauty located by an idyllic beach or beside a lively tavern.



Experience the unique atmosphere of the modern city of Athens. See the impressive Acropolis or the columns of the Pantheon. Culturally-interested persons may enjoy visits to a large selection of museums. Thanks to its location, Athens, the capital of Greece, acts as the gateway to the Peloponnese peninsula. The former capital Naupila lies only 90 minutes away.



Chalkidiki, the peninsula south of Thessaloniki, is a secret vacation paradise with picturesque scenery, a mild climate, secluded coves and pine-covered slopes. Besides historic farming villages and tranquil fishing towns, the romantic three-finger peninsula offers several exceptionally luxurious hotels.



As the former capital city of Greece, Nauplia fascinates tourists with its historic sites, making it a favoured dream destination. Rustic taverns, elegant shops, or a lively, pulsating night life – Nauplia is a place where you will find everything your heart desires.



Enjoy the lifestyle of Mykonos in numerous bars and stylish boutiques. Discover the tiny, snow-white, cubic huts, romantic windmills and especially the fantastic, nearly deserted sand beaches. Mykonos displays a truly classic image of Greece.



Fascinating contrasts lie between the steep cliffs of Santorin, which juts imposingly out of the azure sea, and the black sand beaches and whitewashed houses with their blue window and door frames.



A further amazing Greek destination is the island of Skiathos in the Sporades, with beautiful green forests and more than 60 sand beaches. The landscape is dappled by quaint, hidden villages and monasteries, enthroned on high, steep cliffs and built to reach the heavens during Turkish occupation.



Another intriguing tourist goal is Zakynthos, the most southern Ionian island, located only a few kilometres from Peloponnese. The most famous attraction is undoubtedly Shipwreck Cove. The ragged cliffs are 200 metres heigh and the white sandy beach with the stranded shipwreck is only accessible via the sea. Greece’s regions are as diverse as they are impressive. Discover this unique treasure - with Intosol – your travel experts – we provide free, individual consultation whenever you wish. Greece – the country of Homer and Achilles, of breathtaking beauty and wonderful luxury hotels – is always worth a visit. Dive into the azure waters and nurse your soul lying on one of the beautiful beaches. Greece, a fantastic fusion of culture and beauty coupled with warm-hearted hospitality. Simply amazing!

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Best season

April until October




Antiquity meets lifestyle


Culture, sightseeing, swimming, sailing, hiking, food


Athens, Meteora, the Cyclades, Crete

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