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Possibly the World’s most beautiful Island

Frégate Island Private is the archetype of a tropical island paradise. It is not without reason that international travel magazines repeatedly acclaimed Frégate the world’s most beautiful island. Frégate’s unique characteristics, its peaceful flair, lush nature and boundless charm paired with a successful sustainability concept place the island far ahead of other destinations. Moreover, there are the refined creature comforts of the award-winning Rock Spa and superb gourmet cuisine to look forward to. Frégate Island is a paradise for nature enthusiasts, honeymooners and families all at once. Exclusivity is one of the keywords on Frégate. The maximum number of visitors is kept low for two reasons: to protect the fragile ecosystem and to provide that wonderful private flair. Indeed, in total, Frégate offers no more than sixteen villas limiting the number of distinguished guests on the Indian Ocean island to thirty-two at any one time. A matchless showcase of remote, glossy-picture-perfect beaches and pristine nature, Frégate Island is a destination words fail to describe in all its splendour. Named after the Frigatebird, the island lies approximately 20 air-minutes east of the capital Mahé. Despite its diversity, Frégate Island is small and easily explored on foot, the highest elevation, Mount Signal, rising 125 metres above sea level. The remote island harbours many treasures. One of them is the near extinct Magpie Robin. The magnificent bird’s delightful song turned it into a sought-after cage bird while palm tree plantations simultaneously restricted its natural habitat. An ambitious environmental project re-established a population of 115 birds on Frégate Island, almost half of the world’s surviving Magpie Robins. Other endangered species on Frégate include the elusive Blue Pigeon and the Sunbird. Frégate’s Giant Tortoises are certainly easier to track down. Among the many other species inhabiting the small island, an endemic beetle is found only here. The abundant wildlife benefits from the lush, tropical vegetation including banyan and sandragon trees, not to mention the countless palms dominating the island. A small plantation grows exotic crops and spices like cashews, coconuts, cinnamon, vanilla, mangos, oranges and bananas. Frégate Island Private’s exquisite cuisine greatly profits from this wealth of healthy, natural resources. Incidentally, Frégate Island Private Resort, as the name already suggests, is the island’s sole accommodation. The stunningly designed resort outshines the worldwide competition and has earned the superior reputation it enjoys among international connoisseurs. The guest villas, furnished by an American star-designer, blend most harmonically with the lush, tropical landscape. The finely-appointed interior dazzles with select pieces of designer furniture, the architecture betraying influences from Bali and Thailand. The distinguished guests (32 at most) are pampered by more than 100 employees. The spectacular island attracts fame and fortune. Stars, like Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, have booked Frégate Island exclusively in the past. Breathtaking nature and incomparably beautiful beaches providing the background, the Frégate Island Resort truly represents a unique concept of unsurpassed luxury, privacy and tropical splendour. Obviously, being a logical stakeholder, the management sets great store by protecting and conserving Frégate’s stunning environment and natural resources. With the guests’ satisfaction (and major investments) on the line, sustainable tourism is a top priority. The delicious meals may either be enjoyed at any of the resort’s restaurants (one located at the Frégate House, the other at the Plantation House) or in the private comforts of your personal villa. For a light lunch or in-between snack, draw your rapier and pillage the open-air Pirate Bar’s scrumptious treats. In accordance with the pledge to provide only superior quality, the Frégate Island Private cuisine creates its gourmet meals solely with natural ingredients produced in the resort’s own vegetable patch. Herbs and vegetables from Mother Nature’s pantry straight onto your plate – the way it should be! Apart from vegetables, the small plantation produces countless other treats like pineapples, oranges, breadfruit and a variety of spices. On an island, it goes without saying, the fish is always fresh and a highlight of many courses. Not only culinary delights but also wellness bliss contributes to the bodacious Frégate experience. An enticing pool has been ingeniously set into the natural rock and an elaborately designed spa centre features a range of select treatments and personal therapies. A fitness centre enables the guests to counteract the sumptuous food. Entertainment is provided by the resort’s library which stocks not only good reads but also DVDs and music CDs. Small guests will be thrilled to discover the games section. Quite obviously, a retreat as luxurious as Frégate Island has its price. Approximately 2800 Euros per villa per night have to be expected. However, the price tag is entirely justified! In return, you will indulge in the comforts and the excellent service of one of the world’s best resorts, set under the palm trees of one of the world’s most beautiful islands!
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