Cousine Island –

A Romantic Private Island Retreat

Measuring a mere 1.4 kilometres in length and 0.8 in width, Cousine Island is one of the Seychelles’ smallest granite islands. It is situated six kilometres west of the Praslin, the Seychelles’ second largest island. One of the last private nature sanctuaries on earth, Cousine Island is home to no less than five endemic bird and plant species. It is the one island of the archipelago where species endemic to the Seychelles dominate; no foreign mammal has so far been introduced to Cousine Island. The islands enticing characteristics and its highly private atmosphere make Cousine a magnificent experience like no other on earth. Just imagine … the number of guests on this Garden Eden island is limited to a maximum of eight! With just a handful of people scattered across Cousine, the nature and pristine beaches can be enjoyed undisturbed and more intensively. For these reasons, Cousine Island features as an Island for Two in the Intosol program. It is perfect for a romantic honeymoon under palm trees! The island has specialised in honeymoon arrangement for newly-wed couples and their guests. Jock and Janine, the managing couple, take perfect care of their guests, extending their sincerely warm welcome and creating a home away from home. Only four lovingly designed guest villas, featuring 175 square metres of refined comforts, dot the island and blend harmonically with Cousine’s pristine tropical nature. For an even more authentic Robinson feeling, consider booking the entire island! The Pavillion is Cousine Island’s main building and accommodates the restaurant, the bar which looks down onto the beautifully designed freshwater pool, the cosy lounge and the well-stocked library. Of course, the personal nature of Cousine Island forbids buffet style meals at fixed times. Just chat to the friendly chef, rumoured to be one of the Seychelles’ most talented, and ask him to work his magic at any time most convenient to you. Doubtlessly, a holiday on Cousine Island is an experience even long-time globetrotters will forever cherish. Words just cannot do the idyllic atmosphere justice … it has to be felt, lived, absorbed and relished. Sundown on Cousine Island is an emotionally arresting event: vibrant colours paint the island in vivid hues from violet to scarlet. Countless birds spread their wings and soar out over the island, their cries bidding the day farewell, before returning to their nesting sites in the cliffs. At night, Ghosts come out to lay a mantle of mystery over the island. The Ghosts are a small species of bird which nest high atop the rocky hill dominating the island. Their haunted, guttural calls can be heard all over the island – a uniquely mystical experience. To sum up Cousine Island, let us phrase it like the Intosol guests who have visited the exclusive island in the past: A-Once-in-a-Lifetime-Holiday! An exclamation that could not possibly hold more truth. So far, every guest has been charmed by the natural wonders and exquisite lodging the island offers. The Intosol team also carries the virus. Since our first visit to the island, we have been infected. Chronically. With frequent relapses. And while on the one hand we gladly recommend Cousine Island to any guest in quest of a holiday destination out of the ordinary, we can not help but feel a stab of envy every time we send a guest to Cousine.

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