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Welcome to Brazil, welcome to the country of great contrasts! The fifths largest country on earth offers worlds of wonder on vast 8,511,996 square kilometres. And certainly, Brazil offers superbly luxurious accommodation for the discerning traveller! Savour the sensuality of Rio de Janeiro, the colonial charm of Salvador and lose yourself in the green wilderness of Amazonas.


It will be a pleasure for the experienced team of INTOSOL travel consultants to plot your individual course through this maze of diversity. Brazil alone constitutes approximately half of South America, bordering French Guyana, Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela and Columbia in the North; Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay in the West and South.


The rainforest in divided into 60 different zones characteristically featuring high humidity. Brazils North lies in the tropics, the South in the subtropics with temperatures generally ranging between 27 and 32 degrees Celsius. Brazil can be visited year-round.


The capital city is Brasilia, located west of Rio de Janeiro far from the coast, deep in the jungle. It was designed by Oscar Niemeyer and is considered to be his masterpiece. The political administration and the seat of many businesses are located in Brasilia, whereas Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo by far outshine Brasilia with their sprawling and glittering expanses in the Southeast.


Feel the beat and the joy of Rio de Janeiro located on Guanabara Bay on the Atlantic Ocean. Former capital city and still the second largest city in Brazil, Rio offers plenty of cultural thrills in addition to its iconic Christ the Redeemer statue on Corcovado Mountain. However, the world-famous monument is certainly a “must-see”. Its viewing platform commands a spectacular panoramic view out over the city and the Sugarloaf beyond. And then, there is the celebrated Rio de Janeiro Carnival – a unique event alive with music, dance and dazzling formations!


São Paulo is not only Brazil’s largest city but also the largest on the American continent, including North America. For most, it is the port of entry to Brazil due to its two large airports serving as a hub.


Farther south, lies the Iguazu National Park with the might Iguazu Waterfalls thundering at the heart of the jungle. The river with the famous falls represents the border between Brazil and Argentina. To admire the famous falls in all their glory it is best to visit them from both sides. The Iguazu Falls are a natural wonder of world-class proportions: They are wider than the Victoria Falls and higher than the Niagara Falls.         


And then, it is time to hit the beach. Brazil offers an endlessly long coastline with just the right spot and vibe for everyone. Salvador de Bahia is Brazil’s third largest city. More importantly, its old town was declared a UNESCO world heritage site as early as 1985. Its location on a mountain ridge creates two levels: the upper town and the lower town some 70 metres farther down.


Especially the lower town with its charming port and picture-perfect beaches is just right for a romantic stroll. Some days of the year, Salvador picks up the pace and celebrates the Carnival with fervour equalling that of Rio – all set amidst a beautiful colonial backdrop!


Not far from Salvador de Bahia, the coastal town Ilhéus nestles between the South Atlantic and the mouth of the Rio Ilhéus. The town is well known for the longest white sand beach of the region, reaching 100 kilometres in length. Fantastic!


Florianopolis is the capital of the Santa Catarina province down in Brazil’s Southeast, south of São Paulo. The largest part of the city is located on Santa Catarina Island. Subtropical Florianopolis is on the rise to become one of South America’s most trendy destination featuring fascinating nature and picture-perfect sand beaches.


In fact, more than 40 beaches line the ocean, ranging between quiet, romantic bays and beaches pounded by unceasing and challenging surf. Florianopolis has a lot to offer and is highly diverse.


And then, of course, in the far Northwest, there is the mighty Amazonas rainforest dissected by the mighty stream of the same name. The Amazon River is the world’s longest river. Manaus, on the mouth of the Rio Negro and capital city of the Amazonas Province, is the gateway to the untamed wilderness.  


Get to know Brazil –vast country of superlatives- in fine style! Talk to the experienced team of INTOSOL travel consultants for more information. It will be a pleasure for our knowledgeable Brazil experts to cook up that perfect cocktail of unique nature experiences, colonial culture and beautiful beaches - all coupled with outstanding luxury hotels!



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