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Mountain Beauty on Sydney’s Doorstep

The Blue Mountains, just a one hour drive from Sydney, are a wonderland of fertile valleys and forests. The scenery is rugged but charming, infused with a magical flair. The vast Eucalypt (or Gum Tree) forests shimmer with a blue tinge because of the ethereal oils they exhale. Their fragrance drifts on the warm Australian air, lending it a very characteristic note. The Blue Mountains central range is especially majestic. If you can arrange it, visit the region in the early morning hours, when the first rays of sunlight pierce the bluish mist swirling through the valleys and clinging to the trees. In the year 2000, the Blue Mountains, set in the state New South Wales, were awarded the great honour of being recognises as a World Natural Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The majority of the mountains are now protected within a national park. Geologically, the Blue Mountains form part of the Great Dividing Range that runs Australia’s length on the east coast: 3000 kilometres from the far north of Queensland, through New South Wales right to Victoria in the south. The highest point of the Blue Mountains lies more than 1000 metres above sea level. The Three Sisters near Katoomba are the Blue Mountains’ most famous landmark. According to Aborigine legend, the three sisters were petrified into sandstone for flirting with three ineligible partners. However, the tribe’s medicine man was unfortunately killed in an attack by a different tribe. As nobody else was able to break the charm and release the sisters, they still stand on their lonely lookout today. Echo-Point is the starting point for many scenic hikes through the Blue Mountains. The celebrated Prince Henry Cliff Walk is the classic route: 1000 steps lead down into Jamieson Valley, traversing the Giant Stairway. However, instead of hiking uphill, you may make things easier for yourself and take the Katoomba Cable Railways. A former coal transportation line, the daring engineering feat features a maximum gradient of 52 degrees, making it one of the world’s most precipitous running cable railways. The Blue Mountains are a paradise for those that enjoy hiking. Trails are well maintained and vary in length. Depending on you abilities, equipment and time, enjoy a short stroll through the woods or set out on a multi-day hike. On a fine day, we recommend visiting the southern section of the Blue Mountains National Park. Near Glenbrook, the formation Marges & Elizabeth sport a magnificent lookout. Enjoy a stunning view out over Sydney in the distance! Another highlight awaits you only a few kilometres to the south: the Wenthworth Falls, which plunge more than 300 metres into a deep gorge. An awe-inspiring sight! A comfortable way to admire this natural wonder is the Scenic Skyway. The cable car glides along the 300 metres deep gorge and stops for several minutes for you to take pictures and admire the scenery. The panorama is breathtaking! Sweeping primary forest alternates with rough and steep rock faces and thundering waterfalls, like the famous Katoomba Falls. The western section of the national park is made accessible by a small railway system that offers four stations. The Zig Zag railway is powered by an historic steam engine and runs a highly scenic route – a must-do for railway enthusiasts. Having mentioned the comfortable ways of exploring the Blue Mountains, mountain bikes are another alternative to strenuously climb the peaks. Bikes are available for hire throughout the park. Of course, the Blue Mountains offer not only superb and diverse activities but also excellent accommodation. At a distance of only five minutes from the Three Sisters, the luxury hotel Lilianfels resembles a graceful country residence high atop the mountain. Make yourself comfortable! Your eyes resting on the magnificent panorama, indulge in a sumptuous and delectable candlelight dinner as a reward for a day of hiking and exploring. Incidentally, the Blue Mountains’ climate is just perfect for activities: Temperatures rarely drop below zero in the winter and summer months are cool, around 25 degrees Celsius, while Sydney might be unpleasantly hot at the same time. Snow is not unheard of but rare. We highly recommend staying one or two nights in the Blue Mountains – it is time well spent! Contact our professional team of travel consultants for detailed information. It would be a pleasure for us to design an individually tailored Australia holiday for you!
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Best season

September until May


Transfer by car or helicopter starting in Sydney


Plateau with canyons, forests, lookouts, waterfalls, rivers and unique rock formations


Hiking, fishing


Three Sisters, Aboriginal rock art in the Red Hands Cave, Wentworth Falls

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