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Thailand’s sleepless Metropolis

Bangkok is one of the world’s most multi-layered and diverse cities. Like few other places, the Thai city unites age-old traditions with a modern lifestyle. Bangkok is dynamic and radiant. Still, just around the corner you may stumble upon quiet Buddhist temples. Indeed, there are countless cultural treasures that include opulent palaces and golden Buddha statues. And just another street farther down, you hit the skyscrapers and state-of-the-art shopping malls that have sprung up in recent years. Every new corner has a new surprise ... and a smile waiting! Thailand is the land of smiles. Just hop aboard one of the typical Tuk Tuks for a challenging, multi language conversation with the friendly driver to confirm this fact. On a different day, zip across the city on the high-tech skytrain. Or take it slow and cruise dreamily down the River of Kings, the city’s historic vein of life. The vast canal system, the Khlong, always bustles with activity. However, the farther you head down the winding river the more you leave the city bounds behind and venture out into the countryside. There are a few classic experiences you cannot go without: The traditional Thai cook shops announce their presence from far off with a mouth-watering smell floating on the warm air. And then, there are the street merchants, artisans and craftsmen that offer their fascinating products and nimble-handed services. Certainly, Bangkok is an assault on the senses. To take some time off, stroll the wonderful Lumphini Park at the city’s centre or treat yourself to a professional Thai massage at one of the countless spas and wellness temples. Energies restored, set off to admire the beauty and spiritual power of both the modern and ancient Thai architecture. The Grand Palace is a pincushion of gold-plated turrets and intricate ornaments. Moreover, the Grand Palace is famous for its unequalled collection of Buddha images. Step into a Thai art treasure hold and visit the most venerated Buddha representation: The legendary Emerald Buddha. And then, last but not least, the Grand Palace also includes the permanent exhibition of the royal regalia, decorations, medals, coins and other paraphernalia at the Royal Thai Decorations & Coins Pavilion. Another Bangkok highlight is Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn, located on the western bank of the Chao Phraya River. At its heart, Wat Arun boasts a 79 metres high pagoda that glitters bright, reflecting the sunlight off a myriad of glazed porcelain panels. Then, there is the famous Vimanmek Mansion, the world’s largest teak building located in the heart of Bangkok. In the past, the stately palace functioned as the royal residence. Today it is open to the public as a museum and architectural hallmark. Certainly, part of the claim to fame that the Vimanmek Mansion puts forth, is its sensational setting amidst a maze of Khlong canals! “One Night in Bangkok” – the popular song by Murray Head puts a tune to world of nightlife magic. When night falls, the city bursts out in a thousand blinking lights. It is the perfect time to sip a cocktail with a view before setting out to explore the countless bars, restaurants and clubs that come in every shape and variety! Interested? Thailand is more than Bangkok but Bangkok certainly is a major part of Thailand and should be part of every itinerary. Allow the friendly INTOSOL travel consultants to tailor a tour to your taste … and start to look forward to your first night in Bangkok!
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September until January




capital, many temples


sightseeing, shopping, culture


longboat cruise on the Chao Phraya River

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