Al Bustan Palace

Al Bustan Palace


The fragrances of exotic spices and incense float on the warm air. Precious silk, polished silver, antique furniture and curiosities catch the eye of the observer strolling across a traditional bazar in the Sultanate of Oman.


And, certainly, plenty of this classic Oriental flair has been woven into the very fabric of the luxurious Al Bustan Palace – A Ritz-Carlton Hotel. This jewel on the Indian Ocean has repeatedly been awarded the title “the world’s best beach hotel”.


A stately read more » hotel boasting top-notch luxury, the Al Bustan Palace is located in the Gulf of Oman. Its private beach lies at the heart of a small bay, framed by blossoming gardens with a nearby mountain range providing the scenic backdrop.


Admittedly, the architecture is on the colossal side, however, you need only step inside to notice that every tiny detail betrays a fascination for tasteful designs, comfortable luxury and stylish ambience – of course, coupled with the legendary Oriental hospitality.


It is a 1001 Nights palace welcoming you like a Sultan. Precious materials and colourful, elaborate mosaics in blue, turquoise and gold add to the flair.


And then, of course, there are the Al Bustan’s culinary delights: The celebrated restaurants serve exquisite à-la-carte cuisine. Sample the “China Mood’s” exotic delights or indulge in the haute-cuisine francais at the “Al Marjan”.


International favourites from around the world are served at the “Al Khiran” restaurant. The pool bar is your first choice for a light snack or refreshing drink any time you choose. Soft music and sophisticated drinks are the piano bar’s trademarks.


Incidentally, whenever you would like to skip into town: the centre lies a mere eight kilometres away. The airport is located at 35 kilometres’ distance. « show less


The traditional, Oriental design graces all of the Al Bustan Palace’s stylish rooms and suites. Take the time to study the countless charming details like the elaborate chairs and sofas.


Make yourself read more » at home in your palace. Certainly, every effort has been made to let you feel like a prince or princess. Take a cold drink from a silver carafe and rest your eyes on the magnificent panorama.


Precious materials, hand-carved wood and traditional design elements are common features of all the 250 charming accommodation units – none of which leave anything to be desired!


However, of course, you do have the choice between different categories. The Al Bustan Deluxe Garden units are 40 square metres large and combine classic Arabian with contemporary design elements. Settle down in the comfortable seating area.


Arabian flair is certainly also found at the elegant Arabian Suite Seaview. Generous 80 square metres of space to spread out accommodate a luxurious bathroom and a separate bed- and living room including a guest toilet. The Executive Suite Seaview offers similar facilities. The design, however, is classic.


Those that appreciate a little extravagance while on holiday will want to choose the extraordinary Deluxe Suite Seaview. Vast 270 square metres offer everything to make your stay memorable!


No matter your choice of category, all of the units are equipped with a TV, DVD player, air-conditioning, mini bar, safe and a hairdryer. « show less


The Al Bustan Palace sets the standards in luxury and comfort. However, the sports and activity options are certainly on a par with the refined accommodation.


Several excursions invite you to explore read more » the surroundings. A recommendation goes to the day trips into the nearby mountains that offer a breathtaking view of the landscapes all around.


A desert drive is both thrilling and educative. Fata morgana or the real thing: the hot air flickers as you approach a fertile oasis at the heart of the desert.


A boat may take you up and down the picturesque coastline. And then, the old city of Muttrah offers fascinating shopping at only a few kilometres’ distance.


Having indulged in the many restaurants’ delightful cuisine, sports are certainly a good way to balance yourself out: Pick up a racket and send a ball flying on tennis courts or take a swing on the golf putting green. A mini golf track is also available.


Clip the waves on a windsurfing board or take a peek beneath the surface with a mask and snorkel. A dive station is located only a few kilometres away.


And then, of course, the blue skies and endless ocean are just perfect for a leisurely sailing trip. Afterwards, cool off in the large swimming pool or simply soak up the sun on the terrace.


Take it slow and indulge whenever you feel like it. There are plenty of caring hands to take care of you: Enjoy a soothing massage or turn up the heat in the sauna. Welcome to the luxurious Al Bustan Palace! « show less