Zungulila Bushcamp

Zungulila Bushcamp


The Zungulila Bushcamp is one of the celebrated Bushcamp Company’s wilderness retreats. It is set on the Kapamba River in the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. The most recent of the six bushcamps, it is characterised by an adventurous camp flair.


Please note that the Zungulila Bushcamp is opened only from mid June to the end of October. Children twelve years and older are warmly welcome.


Nestling at the heart of the wilderness, the Zungulila Camp offers stunning views of the Kapamba read more » River and the surrounding wilderness peppered with waterholes that draw the wildlife.


Exceedingly small, Zungulila accommodates only eight guests at any one time. It offers a cosy dining and lounge area and blends perfectly with the wild surroundings.


It is the perfect setting to unwind after an exciting guided hike with one of the highly trained guides. Settle down around the crackling campfire or on a sandbank in the Kapamba River to enjoy a crystal-clear night sky and delicious dinner.


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The Zungulila Bushcamp in the South Luangwa National Park offers four spacious safari tents accommodating a maximum of only eight guests at any one time. Each of the units is equipped with a private ensuite read more » bathroom with both hot and cold water.


One of the safari tents’ highlight is certainly the private bamboo veranda, which commands a fantastic view of the surrounding wilderness. Keep a pair of binoculars handy.


Frequently wildlife may be spotted: elephants coming down to the water for a drink and a splash, birds settling down in the trees by the river, a prowling lion or large buffalo herds.


Three of the Zungulila Bushcamp’s tents are equipped with a queen-sized beds, the last tent boasts a king-sized bed. Of course, all of the beds are draped in billowing mosquito nets to ensure an undisturbed night’s rest.


The Zungulila’s rustic style allows it to blend magnificently with its wild surroundings. Solar energy provides the power for the electric lighting and the hot water.


Kick back and put your feet up, savouring the warm air and the sounds of the wilderness. The Zungulila is just the right spot to unwind after having enjoyed an exciting safari hike!


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The Bushcamp Company, the Zungulila Camp being one of its properties, promotes guided safari hikes in the South Luangwa National Park as its principal activity.


Explore the exotic fauna and flora with read more » a sturdy pair of hiking boots, following in the footsteps of the early adventurers. Take the time to slow down, savouring the fact that you are far, far away from any motorised vehicles or cell phones. Just you and the peaceful nature!


The Zungulila’s excellently trained guides have amazing knowledge on the South Luangwe National Park’s intricate ecosystem. Learn to read tracks, interpret the wildlife’s warning calls and how to tell medicinal from poisonous plants.


Alternatively, with tired feet, you may also opt for a classic day or night time game drive in a rugged safari vehicle. With a little luck on your side, you might spot African wild dogs, giraffes, elephant or lions to name just a few.


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