Zarafa Camp


Do you remember the endearing elephant parade from the Jungle Book written by Rudyard Kipling and made famous by Disney? Well, the elephants at the Zarafa Camp in Botswana bear a striking resemblance. Only, they refrain from singing.


The impressive animals parade past the Zarafa Camp at a very close distance. The luxurious camp set in the Selinda Reserve is dedicated heart and soul to ecotourism. The preservation of the pristine nature with the participation of the local communities enjoys top read more » priority.


Having mentioned this, it does not come as a surprise that the camp is run by the renowned African chain Wilderness Safaris. All of Wilderness’ camps and lodges follow strict sustainable tourism guidelines.


Indulge in your holidays knowing you are contributing towards responsible travelling. Hopefully, the example the Zarafa Camp and Wilderness Safaris set will inspire others to adopt similar policies.


The camp nestles in the shade of towering old trees. The traditional safari ambience revives the glorious days of discoveries. The culinary delights are equally glorious and leave nothing to be desired. The delicacies are served in the dining tent or alternatively on the covered deck.


Needless to say, that the deck commands an awe-inspiring view of the wilderness and the animals parading past. Those who are looking to spend their holiday in a rugged but fascinating setting are well advised to take a closer look at the Zarafa Camp, which offers refined comforts and first-class service despite the remote location.


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The Zarafa Camp is your perfect choice if you value privacy and an intimate ambience. The exclusive camp accommodates no more than eight guests at any one time – on your request, you can even book the read more » entire camp just for yourself.


Individuality is the distinguishing mark of the Zarafa Camp. The four elegant safari tents are all set on elevated platforms that command an awe-inspiring view of the unspoilt surroundings. Each deck is fitted with a telescope for better wildlife observation.


Squint through the telescope and scan the horizons, feeling like an adventurer and explorer of the old days. Most guests quickly adopt the veranda as their favourite spot.


Your luxurious accommodation’s traditional interior infuses the ambience with a nostalgic touch. The large and cosy bed promises sweet dreams to come after having spent a long day in the wilderness filled with new impressions. A good rest is the basis for the next exciting day.


In the evenings, stop by the charming bar for a nightcap or to chat to the other guests. The Zarafa’s convivial atmosphere motivates the guests to meet at the bar, exchanging safari stories or planning the next day.


The modern bathrooms are equipped with a romantic copper bathtub and an additional shower. Those who enjoy a light breeze on their skin can rinse off the savannah dust under the tent’s open-air shower.


Incidentally, hot water and electricity are generated by solar panels at the Zarafa Camp. Sunlight is available in abundance in southern Africa. It is a fantastic destination in the north of Botswana!


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Zarafa Camp is run by Wilderness Safaris, which runs camps and lodges in seven countries in southern Africa. Wilderness Safaris has earned a reputation not only for its commitment to ecotourism but also read more » for its superb and exciting safaris.


All of the renowned chain’s fifty safari accommodations are set in wildlife reserves famous for their great diversity. The speciality of the Selinda Reserve is the floodplains. The water runs along the Selinda Spillway, crossing the dry plains and connecting the Okavango Delta in the west with the marshlands and rivers in the east.


The Selinda Spillway traverses the reserve from end to end, the abundance of water attracting scores of wildlife. The Zarafa Camp proudly introduces its guests to this natural paradise, running game drives three times a day. Whether you choose to explore in the morning, the afternoon or the evening – there is always the option to set off into the bush.


The night game drives are especially exciting. The large predators often hunt at night. Telltale eyes reflect your vehicles lights and never blinking observe your progress through the bush.


One of the area’s highlights is certainly the healthy elephant population. However, there are plenty of other species out there: Lions, leopards and cheetahs also make their home in the Selinda Reserve.


Observe graceful giraffes at a close distance or quietly sneak upon buffaloes, wild dogs or kudus. Moreover, the reserve houses more than three hundred species of birds. The experienced guides will introduce you to this mind-numbingly diverse ecosystem, pointing out interesting facts on flora and fauna.


A guided safari hike is your tickets to explore the wild bush at a slower place – an intense experience. Depending on the water levels, the Zarafa Camp also runs safari cruises on the lagoon, offering yet again a different perspective. Take your camera and record the magic!


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