Xudum Lodge


As the sun sinks low, setting the horizon on fire, the lagoon’s water erupts into a sea of sparkling diamonds … The perfect timing to settle down at an elegantly set table and indulge in a gourmet dinner.


Soft candlelight illuminates the scene, on a fine night infused with silver streaks from the myriad of bright stars above. A wilderness setting and world-class flair!


Welcome to the luxurious Xudum Camp that INTOSOL has discovered for you in the stunningly beautiful south-east of the celebrated read more » Okavango Delta, Botswana!


Opened year-round, the sophisticated lodge is set on a 25,000 hectares large private concession that houses an astonishing abundance of wildlife of most every species.


The Xudum Camp’s facilities are at once modern and elegantly quaint. The cosy lounge quickly becomes a popular place to meet the other guests and to unwind on the large sofas, eyes scanning the surroundings for wildlife.


Perfect service is a top-priority at the Xudum. Five employees take care of every two guests. Not only well trained, the staff also radiates the typical warm-hearted and joyous African charisma.


Incidentally, kids of every age are welcome at the Xudum Lodge. The luxury camp and the fascinating Okavango Delta are a perfect combination – a perfect destination!


We are certain that the exceptional flair of this not all too commonplace destination will win your heart in the blink of a leopard’s eye. The Xudum has a private landing strip and a transfer flight from Maun takes only twenty minutes.


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Croaking frogs, roaring lions and blinking stars – a backdrop for a night’s rest that will most likely differ a little from what you are used to from your bedroom at home…


On your request, your read more » bed may be set up on the top of your tent. Instead of surrounding yourself with canvas walls, you wrap yourself into the silky night’s breathing cloak.


The Xudum Lodge features only nine luxurious safari tents. The maximum number of guests is intentionally kept low to ensure your privacy and a relaxing ambience.


The tents have little to do with camping. The skilfully designed colour scheme ranges from soft pastel hues to honey-coloured wood and a strong chocolate brown.


Your tent will quickly become your home away from home in the wilderness – a place to return to contentedly after having exhausted yourself out and about.


The bathroom’s highlight is the oversized, freestanding bathtub. Draw yourself a foam-topped bath and enjoy the view of the pristine surroundings.


Alternatively, you may use the shower to rinse off the Okavango’s dust. Moreover, an open-air shower allows you to wash with nothing but nature for company.


A modern air-conditioning system and a ventilator keep the temperatures pleasant even on a hot day. Step out onto your private deck to admire the wild surroundings, sipping a glass of fine wine.


The romantic four-poster bed sports crisp, white linen and billowing mosquito nets that ensure an undisrupted rest. And, last but not least, a small private pool allows you to cool off whenever desired.


Especially after a long, hot, exciting game drive, it is a welcomingly relaxing refreshment to slip into the cool water. Sophisticated comforts and an elegant design characterise the Xudum Lodge’s superb safari tents!


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The world-famous Okavango Delta sports a magnificent flora and fauna. The ecosystem is diverse and provides a variety of habitats that range from palm tree peppered savannah to extensive wetlands, floodplains read more » and adjacent forests.


The ready supply of water attracts an abundance of wildlife. Among other species, admire lions, cheetahs, leopards, buffaloes, elephants or antelopes. Keep your camera at the ready – a new wildlife encounter at every twist of the trail!


The summer months are especially rewarding for birding enthusiasts. Once the summer’s rain has set in, the resident bird population is boosted by countless migrating species. With a little luck, you may even spot the rare Fishing Owl.


There are several options to go on safari. One is a classic game drive in a sturdy 4x4. A very popular variety is a safari in a traditional Mokoro canoe. In complete silence you glide down the waterways and sneak up on the wildlife.


A little later, you run the Mokoro up the shore of one of the countless Okavango Delta islets, where a delicious picnic has been prepared for you. Alternatively, explore the wilderness on a guided bush hike.


Another must-do in your itinerary is one of the romantic sunset drives. Every day, two safari excursions, on land or on water, are led by qualified guides and trackers.


Just in case you have forgotten essential outdoor gear, a well-stocked safari shop offers safari equipment and local arts and crafts. Take a portable memory home of buy a little gift for your loved ones at home.


The Xudum Lodge in the Okavango Delta – be inspired by the charms of Africa!


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