Xigera Camp


The Xigera Camp (pronounced Keejera) is a luxury tent camp in the Moremi Game Reserve at the heart of the world-famous Okavango Delta.


This fascinating region permanently holds water and therefore offers the ultimate Okavango Delta experience. Palm tree studded islands, winding rivers through lush forests and a multitude of canals and floodplains are what the delta wetland is all about.


Xigera is above all a birdwatcher’s paradise. Pel's fishing owl, the wattled crane, African skimmers, slaty read more » egrets, rufous-bellied herons, swamp boubous and a host of eagles, vultures, and other birds of prey can all be spotted with a keen eye.


The rare Sitatunga antelope inhabits the reserve in larger numbers than anywhere else in the region. Tracking the shy animals, gliding soundlessly along the canals in a traditional Mokoro dugout canoe, is an unforgettable experience.


A number of wooden bridges link one island with the next. Not only human guests use these boardwalks but occasionally also lions and leopards. It is entirely possible that guests will admire a lion from the dining room.


Of course, where activities are concerned the focus at the Xigera Camp is on safaris. Depending on the water levels, game drives can be organised. Else, safaris take place along the many rivers, lagoons and canals.


The Xigera Camp is nestled in a shady grove. In total, the camp features only eight finely appointed tents. Each of the units is set on a platform with a wonderful view out over the floodplains and the waterhole, where plenty of wildlife comes to drink, especially in the evenings.


Cherish the spectacular view of the river from the raised lounge, the bar or the restaurant as you enjoy a drink or a delicious meal. Furthermore, a traditional African boma is the setting for wildly romantic culinary experiences under the stars.


Wooden boardwalks, which wind through the trees, join the tents with the main buildings and lend the camp a distinctive tree house atmosphere. The Xigera Camp offers an intense safari experience and a holiday for the soul. On a hot day, the plunge pool promises quick relief from the heat.


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Nestling in a shady grove, the Xigera Camp consists of eight finely appointed luxury tents, each with en suite facilities and an outdoor shower.


Each tent is set on an elevated platform so as to provide read more » a spectacular view out over the surrounding floodplains and the nearby waterhole.


The tents are spacious and extremely comfortable, radiating a very cosy ambience. Especially in the evenings, the show takes place just in front of your private veranda. Settle down comfortably with a cool drink in hand and watch the animals come to the waterhole to drink.


A restaurant, a bar, and a plunge pool complete the facilities of the gracious Xigera Camp. Lodged in all comfort, cherish the awe-inspiring nature of the Okavango Delta in Botswana.


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The activities at the Xigera are focused on the exceptional Mokoro Safaris. Mokoros are small, traditional dugout canoes. However, if the water level is low enough, classic game drives also become possible.


One read more » of the best-kept secrets at Xigera is that some of the guides were born and raised in the area, which is now the hotel property. Their knowledge of the surrounding area and its flora and fauna is matchless. They share their knowledge happily and with great enthusiasm with the guests.


Even though Xigera Camp is called a "permanent Delta camp", which means that the water never really recedes, there are many animals usually found in the savannah living on the islands.


The species, which are regularly encountered, are lions, leopards, hyenas and buffalos. The animals have simply learned to live with the water and prey is plentiful. They simply swim from one island to the next in search of food.


Xigera Camp and the Moremi Game Reserve are a natural paradise for bird watching enthusiast. A keen eye has the chance to spot the Pel’s fishing owl, egrets, cranes, herons, flocks of eagles, vultures and other birds of prey.


Last but by no means least, the rare Sitatunga antelope inhabits the reserve in larger numbers than anywhere else in the region. Tracking the shy animals gliding soundlessly along the canals in a traditional Mokoro dugout canoe is an unforgettable experience.



Facts about Xigera:


The owners of the Xigera Camp are Hennie and Angela Rawlinson, a very well respected couple from the Delta area. Together, they have a wealth of experience concerning the animals and the ecosystem of the Okavango Delta.


Hennie built the original camp at Xigera way back in 1986. Prior to this, he worked as one of the region’s most respected camp guides. He is also a pilot and operates his own charter flights from Maun, flying guests to camps in the region.


Angela met Hennie at Xigera in the eighties. When the lease at Xigera came up for tender in 1998, they focused all their efforts on winning the lease.


Hennie and Angela believe that their evident passion for the region, its nature and animal population was the factor that tipped the balance in their favour, allowing them to score the rights for the concession.


They lived up to the expectations everyone had. It is a memorable experience to share some time at Xigera with them - you will feel the spirit of Africa and the Okavango Delta here - stronger than anywhere else.



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