Wolwedans Dunes Lodge

Wolwedans Dunes Lodge


Just like the other Wolwedans Collection camps, the Wolwedans Boulders Camp is situated in the Namib Rand Nature Reserve, located about 60 kilometres south of Sesriem and Sossusvlei. Guests can reach the camp either by a standard two-wheel drive car or they can fly in.


The Dunes Lodge is perched high atop a natural plateau commanding a spectacular view no matter which way you turn. The endless desert’s striking panorama reaches for the horizon north, east, south and west.


The lodge’s intriguing read more » architecture is characterised by three principal elements: wood, canvas and panorama fronts which allow the guest to enjoy the scenery without having to leave the comfort of the suite.


Intentionally designed in a camp style fashion, the Wolwedans Dunes Lodge nevertheless sports sophisticated luxury and the secure ambience only a solid building can offer. Each of the nine finely-appointed bungalows features a bathroom and private terrace.


Completely renovated in 2003, the lodge’s main building accommodates all the necessary facilities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Two lounges, several sundowner terraces, a fireplace, library, wine cellar and two dining rooms form the essential amenities.


A host of activity options ranging from thrilling adventures or educative excursions to easy-going relaxation make it advisable to book the Wolwedans Dunes Lodge for a three night minimum.


The personalised and attentive service is the hallmark of the Wolwedans Collection. The dedicated team, which incidentally has been recruited locally, takes pride in its work and cares diligently both for its guests and the environment.


Wolwedans is neither a simple sand dune hotel nor a stop-over accommodation for one night en route to the next attraction.


Wolwedans is much rather a destination to arrive at and settle down comfortably for a while. Focusing on an authentic and down-to-earth nature experience, it is both unpretentious and charmingly special.


Wolwedans is a home away from home for open-minded nature enthusiasts, for individualists who seek unique desert adventures far off the beaten track.


Wolwedans throws open a door and allows the guest to enter a world where the desert can be experienced in all its awe-inspiring magnitude and stunning beauty.


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Wood, canvas and scenic panorama fronts are the essential architectural elements at the Wolwedans Dunes Lodge. Picking up on the adventurous ambience of a tent camp, the lodge nevertheless features the read more » luxury and feeling of security of a proper hotel.


Each of the nine finely-appointed bungalows is characterised by an elegant and comfortable ambience. It goes almost without saying that each unit sports a private bathroom and terrace with a view.


The doors to the terrace can be left wide open for a panoramic view of the pristine surroundings. Indubitably, the Dunes Lodge’s biggest asset is the striking location, so secluded that mass tourism remains an incomprehensible effect.


First and foremost, guests notice the serene tranquillity as well as the inspiring atmosphere radiated by the luxurious lodge which blends so harmonically with the harsh environment.


One of the Dunes Lodge’s suites stands out above even the sophisticated standard suites: The Mountain View Suite. Secludedness, fine style, exquisite comforts and an undisturbed nature experience enjoy top priority.


Extremely generously proportioned and furnished with great attention to detail, the Mountain View Suite has been designed to accommodated honeymooners and those that would like to be lodged in absolute privacy, apart from the rest of the lodge’s business.


Indulge in the unique Wolwedans atmosphere, the stunningly remote and wildly beautiful region unlike any other place on earth. Your stay at the Wolwedans Dunes Lodge will be the highlight of your Namibia holiday and a memory you will forever cherish – guaranteed!


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Apart from simply savouring the tranquility and serene ambience that characterise the lodge, the main activities at the Wolwedans Dunes Lodge are the inspiring excursions designed to introduce you to the read more » wonders of the desert.


Sunrise and sunset: two every day events transfigure the desert. The changing light casts a charm on the land and lays a fiery red glow on the sand dunes – a stirring sight.


It goes without saying that an excursion to the Sossusvlei should be included in every itinerary. Wolwedans is an equally luxurious but, with regard to the ambience, wonderful low-key alternative to the lodges closer to the Sossusvlei. Indulge in Wolwedan’s unique atmosphere without missing the Namib’s highlight.


Wolwedans has created a special package for couples who would like to get married in Namibia: The wedding ceremony takes place high atop a glowing red sand dune where a romantic, beautifully decorated arbour has been set up for this purpose.


The inspiring Namib Desert at your feet, you join in matrimony barefoot, desert flowers instead of opulent jewelry adorning the bride, her wedding dress blowing gently in the warm desert breeze.


The married couple spends the wedding night and the honeymoon either at the Wolwedans dedicated Honeymoon Suite or the Wolwedans Private Camp which features only two suites and a private cuisine, all tugged away in a secluded valley.


The newlyweds’ guests are accommodated at the charmingly quaint Wolwedans Dune Camp or the elegant Wolwedans Dunes Lodge. No matter which special requests you might have, INTOSOL and the Wolwedans team go all the way to execute your every wish and create both the perfect wedding and the perfect trip.


We make it our business to ensure that bride and groom start the married life’s journey at one of the world’s most beautiful locations.


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