Wolwedans Boulders


Just like the other Wolwedans Collection camps, the Wolwedans Boulders Camp is situated in the Namib Rand Nature Reserve, located about 60 kilometres south of Sesriem and Sossusvlei. Guests can reach the camp either by a standard two-wheel drive car or fly in.


The most recent addition to the Wolwedans Collection, the Boulders Camp is situated approximately 45 kilometres south of Wolwedans where it hides among massive granite mountains.


The Boulders Camp features four extremely spacious luxury read more » tents accommodating a maximum of only eight guests. Doubtlessly, it is the most exclusive of the Wolwedans Collection. Peace and quiet as well as undisturbed privacy are absolutely guaranteed.


Apart from the tents accommodating the distinguished guests, the camp features a lounge tent and a dining tent. The breakfast terrace, as the name suggests, is the perfect backdrop for enjoying a sumptuous breakfast amidst the pristine surroundings before facing the adventures of a new day in the desert.


Dinner is an equally agreeable open-air affair. Served next to the crackling fireplace, it is impossible not to become affected by the wildly romantic African adventure flair. The sundowner deck is the place to kick back, enjoying a drink of same name and watching the stunning sunset behind the harsh desert landscape.


The Wolwedans Boulders Camp is the perfect basis for exploring the far South of the Namib Rand Nature Reserve. Experienced rangers take you on guided desert hikes along the ancient trails of the Bushmen.


To enhance your desert adventure, you may of course combine your stay at the Boulders Camp with one of the other Wolwedans Camps. No two camps are the same. Each features special traits, comforts and sights ... and the highly diverse Namib Rand Nature Reserve never ceases to fascinate.


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At the Wolwedans Boulders Camp, the guests are accommodated in extremely spacious luxury tent suites featuring every comfort imaginable. Savour the nature reserve’s soothing tranquillity and indulge read more » in the privacy and exclusiveness your tent suite offers.


The luxury tents are constructed atop wooden platforms and harmonise beautifully with the unspoilt natural environment of the Namib Rand Nature Reserve.


The sundowner terrace is perfectly suited to unwind in good style, appreciating the magnificent view. Furthermore, the guests commonly meet on the terrace for a casual chat and a refreshing drink.


The culinary benchmarks are set by the Boulder Camp’s first-class cuisine’s creations served at the open-air fireplace. The stars, the moon and flickering candles casting their mellow light, enjoy a life-time romantic dinner surrounded by the magic of the Namib Desert.


Breakfast, just like dinner, is served open-air. Sitting down to a hearty start into the day, take a deep breath of the clear desert air before departing on a safari.


The Wolwedans Boulders Camp perfectly balances a day of adventures in the desert. Come home to your luxurious accommodation after having braved the heat and the dust and the mind-numbing Namib’s vastness.


Explore Namibia and the Namib Rand Nature Reserve. INTOSOL and the Wolwedans Boulders Camp are looking forward to welcoming you!


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Apart from simply savouring the tranquility and serene ambience that characterise the camp, the main activities at the Wolwedans Dunes Camp are the inspiring excursions designed to introduce you to the read more » wonders of the desert.


Apart from exciting guided hikes and jeep safaris to the Namib Rand Reserve’s soaring sand dunes, scenic safari flights are being offered. Lift off and marvel at the overwhelming panorama of the desert from a bird’s perspective.


Having licked blood, you may want to spend more air-time above the Namib Desert. Join a serene hot air balloon flight and relish the incomparable 360 degree view of the desert scenery unfolding below you!


For more than an hour, the balloon thus affords you with a magnificent view before it gently starts dropping back to earth. The icing on the cake: at the landing sight a lavish champagne breakfast will be prepared for you.


Sunrise and sunset: two every day events transfigure the desert. The changing light casts a charm on the land and lays a fiery red glow on the sand dunes – a stirring sight.


It is possible to witness these displays of interstellar beauty on a so-called sleep-out. On your request, you may spend a night out in the desert, far from the camp.


Spending a night in a large comfortable bed which has been set up amidst the vast and unspoilt Namib Desert is certainly an experience you will forever treasure. Just you and the immense twinkling cupola of the night sky!


It goes without saying that an excursion to the Sossusvlei should be included in every itinerary. Wolwedans is an equally luxurious but, with regard to the ambience, wonderful low-key alternative to the lodges closer to the Sossusvlei. Indulge in Wolwedan’s unique atmosphere without missing the Namib’s highlight.


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