Whalesong Lodge


It is the fantastic position high upon the cliffs of Gansbaai that turns the Whalesong Lodge into a prime location for whale watching. Allow yourself to be intrigued by the stunning view of the ocean from the spacious terrace.


A miracle of nature, the unspoiled Fynbos vegetation, typical for the region’s ecosystem, creates a dramatic backdrop, enhanced by the rugged mountains, long beaches and turquoise ocean.


Walker Bay is justly considered to be the best part of the coast to spot the rare read more » Southern Right Whale in the period between July and November. Dotted with islands, the region is also a natural habitat for penguins, thousands of seals, countless seabirds and, the table being laid, the white shark.


The Whalesong Lodge’s lounge is the hotel’s central meeting point and the perfect spot to sip a glass of exquisite South African wine contemplating the expanse of the ocean.


Naturally, the lodge offers its distinguished guests a beautiful pool with a view for an early morning’s exercise or a refreshing dip on a hot afternoon. The Whalesong’s location permits you to reach the region’s many exciting attractions in no time.


Join a cruise for an intimate experience of the gentle giants and playful dolphin in their natural element. The fearless can test their limits on a hair-raising adventure: being lowered into the water in a small steel cage to meet the king of the seven seas, the white shark, head on.



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„A bed with a view” – perched atop the cliffs, the lodge and its rooms command a stunning view of the bay below.


The Whalesong Lodge’s suites and rooms have all been spaciously designed, offering read more » supreme comfort. Each unite is composed of a finely-appointed living room and a separate bed and bathroom.


Featuring under floor heating as a common facility, the differently designed bathrooms are all en suite. A highlight is the Honeymoon Suite’s bathroom: large panoramic windows afford the bridal couple with a view of the Fynbos vegetation and the open ocean.


The loving attention that went into the design is apparent in every detail, the rooms are characterised by their airy ambience and modern chic. Both a central heating system and an open fireplace take the chill out of the winter nights.


When the sun sends its first rays of light to tickle your nose and the birds start to twitter, step outside onto your private terrace, take a deep breath of the salty air, let your eyes stray to the horizon … and welcome the new day!



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South Africa is one of the world’s top spots to experience a close encounter with an enormous whale or sleek shark. After a hearty breakfast at the Whalesong Lodge, board a Shark Boat for a cruise to read more » the open seas of the Atlantic. Feel goose bumps erupt when you encounter a Great White.


The cruise includes lunch and refreshing drinks. At night, still reliving the adventure of having experienced the Great White in his natural habitat, return to the Whalesong Lodge for a sumptuous dinner.


From June through to November, the Southern Right Whales grace the coast of Gansbaai with their presence. They migrate to the warm water of South Africa to mate and give birth to their young, avoiding the harsh conditions of their usual habitat in the Antarctic.


Experienced skippers will take you on a cruise. Minimizing a disturbance of the whales, they approach the gentle giants with utmost care. With just a little luck, you will take the picture of your lifetime!


It is a memorable experience to see such a graceful giant stick its head out of the water and look at you. Should you not feel comfortable on the water, choose to go on a guided tour focusing on the ecosystems unique flora featuring more than 8600 different species.


Maybe you will spot South Africa’s national flower, the King Protea! Horse riding enthusiasts have the possibility to explore the region from the saddle, culminating in a gallop down the endless sand beaches.



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