Whale Watching in New Zealand

Whale Watching in New Zealand – Spot Orcas, Humpbacks and Sperm Whales

The ocean’s gentle giants can be spotted in New Zealand up and down the south island’s east coast – however, the undisputed centre for whale watching is Kaikoura.

Kaikoura is the departure point for a fleet of whale watching boats that head out to sea to search for the famed and fabled Sperm Whale.

Sperm Whales reach a length of over fifteen metres and are the largest whales possessing teeth, their principle prey being giant squid that they hunt in staggering depths.

The guided boat excursions are certainly your best options to see these imposing ocean mammals in their natural environment. Quite conveniently, there is no special season to spot Sperm Whales.

However, New Zealand has even more to offer: June and July are the best months to see the massive Humpback Whales and from December through to March Orcas frequent the New Zealand waters.

Incidentally, the whale watching boats are fitted with underwater microphones to track the whales acoustically – greatly improving your chance to sight them.

A glowing recommendation goes to the scenic flights with the aim to spot the giants from lofty heights. The bird’s perspective allows you see the entire pod and its interaction.

Talk to our experienced team of INTOSOL travel consultants, who are intimately familiar with New Zealand. It is a pleasure for us to tailor a New Zealand holiday to your specifications including world-class whale watching!

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