Whale Watching

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Whale Coast of South Africa, southern Australia

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Whale Watching -

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To come eye to eye with a whale on the open sea is a supremely stirring experience! It is not without reason that countless nature enthusiasts seek out the sea in search of the gentle giants in South Africa, Australia or New Zealand. In a way, the whales have greatly profited from the public’s attention. Having won plenty of sympathy, the gentle giants nowadays benefit from an international lobby against whaling.

The following pages contain plenty of hot-spot whale watching sites around the world – all of which furthermore boast some of the world’s finest hotels. The hotels featured by INTOSOL are all located directly on the ocean commanding a magnificent view. Whale Watching is generally their principle trade.

Different regions, different whales: Southern Right Whales may be spotted in South Africa or on Australia’s southern coast. Humpback Whales frequent the waters off Australia’s Great Ocean Road, Sperm Whales and Killer Whales can be found in New Zealand.

We highly recommend you talk to our experienced team of travel consultants to inquire about the right seasons to spot whales around the world. Our specialists know their way around the whale watching sites and point you to the most rewarding destinations.

It is a pleasure for our consultants to prearrange whale watching excursions or to integrate them into your travel itinerary. In fact, it is highly recommendable to make arrangements previous to your departure as the boats are frequently booked out in the high seasons.
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