Vingerklip Lodge


Doubtlessly one of Africa’s most bizarre rock formations, the 35 metres high Vingerklip soars above the plains at its feet. It is located in a surreal landscape called the Ugab Terraces which was formed by millennia of relentless erosion.


A place of mystical quietness and infinite horizons, the scenic land casts its charm upon the visitor, stirring the imagination and leaving its imprint on the memory. Amidst the harsh beauty of a picturesque valley, the Vingerklip Lodge accommodates no more read more » than 22 guests in its eleven thatched-roof bungalows.


A shady sundowner terrace commands a spectacular view of the rough-faced landscape. An African sunset against this striking backdrop is a stirring experience.


The Vingerklip Lodge’s fine cuisine has specialised on sophisticated international delicacies best accompanied by a refreshing local beer. Those who appreciate a fine wine can choose among a selection of superb African wines, both red and white. Spoil your palate next to the restaurant’s crackling open fireplace – the most romantic setting!


Apart from the first-class restaurant, the Vingerklip Lodge features a quaint bar, a souvenir boutique shop, comfortable fireplace, large sundeck and a beautifully-set swimming pool.


A last highlight is currently nearing completion: Set high atop one of the bizarre rock formations, a second restaurant is being constructed. A short walk and a 30 metres high stairway will take the visitor up to the lofty perch.


Namibia, a country of myths and legends in Southwest Africa, a mystery waiting to be unraveled by you. Discover pristine nature, follow ancient trails and experience the Vingerklip Lodge in the magical Ugab Valley. This holiday will find its place in your soul, mind and memory.


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Each of the Vingerklip Lodge’s eleven double rooms features a typical African thatched-roof as well as a private bathroom with a shower. A ceiling ventilator stirs up a refreshing breeze and a private read more » balcony completely equipped with a comfortable lounge chair is just the right place to unwind, marveling at the scenery.


Five of the eleven units have been furnished to cater for the needs of a family with two kids. Traditional African materials like wood, stone and straw have been used to construct the bungalows. The result is stunning and allows the units to integrate most harmonically into their pristine natural surroundings.


Heaven on earth! Everything is in place for you to relax, unwind and forget the strains of everyday life. The room service takes perfect care of the guests and an efficient laundry service is available to all guests who stay for more than two days.


The complex additionally features a boutique shop, dining area and a cosy bar perfect for sipping a sundowner drink and exchanging safari stories with other Vingerklip Lodge guests.


Two swimming pools invite you to take a refreshing dip. Wake your spirits in the morning with a few pool laps – there is nothing better to get energised for another adventurous day in the desert.


Indulge in the breathtaking view and in the stirring sunsets. The roofed veranda is the perfect place to sit back, quietly observing the natural beauty, a refreshing drink in hand. Each night, the cinders of the campfire still glowing red, the sky fills with a spectacular display of stars. Only in the desert do they present themselves with such clarity.


Africa, Namibia, the Damaraland and the Vingerklip Lodge – all set for a truly memorable holiday!


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No matter whether you are a first-time visitor or a seasoned connoisseur – Namibia never ceases to fascinate the open-eyed traveler. Especially the Damaraland, at the heart of Namibia, radiates a uniquely read more » appealing flair.


Join one of the exciting game drives and discover the exotic wildlife. Track zebras, kudus, antelopes, springboks, ostriches, jackals, the Brown and the Spotted Hyena and, with a little luck, the endangered Black Rhinoceros or the Desert Elephant. The spectacular landscape provides the stunning backdrop.


Needless to say that you should also indulge in the comforts of your luxurious lodge. Cool down in one of the two swimming pools and relax on the spacious hotel terrace.


Other attractions in the near vicinity include the petrified forest, massive, ancient tree trunks that solidified to solid stone in the course of the millennia, the Burned Mountain which owes its name to its peculiar colouring or the Doros Crater, a site where groundbreaking fossil discoveries were made.


You should definitely visit the Burned Mountain which is part of a mountain range southwest of the Petrified Forest. The Burned Mountain owes its name to the way the rock lights up in colours of infernal red at sunrise or sunset.


Yet another highlight is the Twyfelfonstein Nature Reserve. The UNESCO world heritage listed site sports the best preserved rock carvings in all southern Africa.


The options a sheer endless! The comfortable Vingerklip Lodge in Namibia is the ideal basis to explore the sights at your leisure.


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