Villa Il Giardino


Tuscany – the ring of the name carries the implicit promise of sunshine, rolling vineyards, historic towns, precious art, fine cuisine and Mediterranean lust for life.


Moreover, Tuscany is famous for its sensational architecture. And then, there are the many unattained Italian masters: Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli all worked and created in Tuscany.


The Tuscan setting calls for a charmingly old-fashioned holiday retreat that fits in with the scenic environment: The Villa read more » Il Giardino perfectly answers that call and ensures a memorable holiday at the heart of Italy.


Despite its wonderfully small and cosy flair, the Villa Il Giardino offers sumptuous luxuries and amenities. And almost every room commands a magnificent view out over either the Chianti region’s vineyards or the Florence cathedral’s cupolas.


Step outside and into the well kept, blossoming gardens. On a fine day, the gardens are a wonderful place to retreat to with a good book. In the summer months the meals are frequently served open-air.


However, the ambience in the dining room is equally delightful: The precious china gleams in the soft light cast by the silver candle chandeliers. The Sanctuary Villas & Apartments houses, without exception, all radiate a special, unique ambience.


Lodged at the sophisticated Villa Il Giardino, you decide how much service and staff you request. A butler, a nanny or a chef de cuisine are at your side offering their professional services at a word’s notice.


Incidentally, translated Giardino means nothing more or less than “garden”. Welcome to the elegant house located at only five kilometres distance from Florence’s historic centre!


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A home far away from home – the Sanctuary Villas & Appartments offer nothing less than a comfortable holiday retreat that allows you to settle in with all ease and naturalness.


Privacy, peace and read more » quiet as well as individuality and independence are the cornerstones that the discerning guests cherish most dearly. The Villa Il Giardino is small and exquisite, accommodating a maximum of six guests.


The three bedrooms are wonderfully decorated and furnished sanctuaries that promise sweet dreams to come after long and memorable days spent in Tuscany.


In the summer, the air-conditioning system keeps everything nice and cool. In winter, a heating system takes the edge out of the night chill. Of course, the Villa Il Giardino is lavishly equipped with electronic gadgets.


Log onto the internet to keep in touch with the world. The satellite TV and DVD player provide entertainment at the touch of a button and the washing machine and dryer are at your service no matter whether your stay for a few days only or for longer.


However, the truly remarkable quality of the Villa Il Giardino is its historic charm. Step into the tastefully furnished hall and discover the TV room, the sound system and library.


A cosy lounge invites you to stretch out in fine style. Should the weather permit, throw open the doors that lead to the terrace and the garden. The large dining room table comfortably seats eight. However, in the fully equipped kitchen you may also eat with six.


A guest bathroom completes the list of rooms on the ground floor. Upstairs, the master bedroom boasts a private terrace. Of course, bedrooms two and three also have private baths.


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Tuscany is a blessed place whose arresting charm invariably draws visitors who enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside far from the hustle and bustle of the large cities.


The rolling hills, lush read more » vineyards and neat olive orchards have a unique charm hardly found anywhere else on earth. The scenic countryside is just perfect for long and leisurely excursions.


Tie up your hiking boots to explore on foot or straddle a bicycle for two-wheeled transportation. However, at some stage, despite all the beauty of the sun-kissed countryside, we highly recommend you pay the celebrated Florence a visit!


Florence is an old city steeped in art and culture. One of its great treasures may be found at the Academia Art: The world’s most famous statue: Michelangelo’s David!


Later, visit the celebrated Uffizi Gallery and, at the heart of Florence, the imposing cathedral. And having tired yourself out, cross the Piazza Signoria and settle down for an espresso with a view.


Of course, you may also retreat to the green Boboli Gardens. Here, you will find the perfect place in the shade of the trees to indulge in an authentic Italian gelato.


Florence is certainly worth a visit! However, as with all city destinations, the many impressions soon tend to make you tired. Return to the serene Villa Il Giardino for spot of supreme peace, quiet and guilt-free idleness.


Experience some of the Italian “dolce vita” sunbathing in the garden – only interrupted by the occasional dip in the villa’s heated swimming pool.


And at night, fire up the barbecue and enjoy sizzling delicacies accompanied by one of the region’s superb wines! Welcome to the Villa Il Giardino – welcome to Tuscany!


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