Vamizi Island


Welcome to Vamizi Island, a fantastically beautiful island set in the Quirimba Archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Swooping down onto paradise in the airplane, the first impressions are those of glittering blue water dotted by lush green islands, among them Vamizi.


To this day, Vamizi Island has retained the charm of old. It offers an authentic experience and traditional island ambience. The tourism the island sees has just marginal effects. The nature on Vamizi is still intact.


The beaches are read more » endless and the coral reefs teem with life. Acacia Trees, Hibiscus and countless bird species populate the land. Those who enjoy diving and snorkelling will fall helplessly in love with Vamizi Island.


The coral reefs are a world of wonder. Intact coral reefs, unaffected by coral bleaching, have become rare throughout the world. A local ocean current has saved the Vamizi reefs from suffering such a fate!


The Vamizi Lodge presents itself in warm colours and was built with natural materials from the island. As a result, the lodge harmonises beautifully with its natural surroundings. Only locals were contracted for construction, thus creating employment in Mozambique.


Funds generated through tourism directly benefit the local population, which has been made aware to environmental issues and taught to preserve, for example, by practising sustainable fishing.


Vamizi is a project, a nature reserve that is living proof of how the locals and the tourists can learn from each other, the sustainable tourism generating stable income and protecting the environment.


Experience the Vamizi Island Lodge, discover the island’s diversity and drop beneath the waves to one of the world’s most stunning coral reefs!


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Just like the Vamizi Island Lodge’s main buildings, the separate villas have all been designed to blend seamlessly into the gracious natural surroundings. An exclusive destination, Vamizi features only read more » ten luxurious Beach Villas, of course, all of them granting a spectacular ocean view.


The exclusive nature is enhanced by the highly private setup: The comfortable villas are spaced most generously apart, at least 70 metres separating them. Additionally, the villas are snugly tucked away behind lush vegetation and palm trees.


Each of the Beach Villas accommodates two generous suites, making them the ideal accommodation options for families or groups of friends. Each villa accommodates a maximum of four guests.


Creating employment for the local population, Vamizi Island workers constructed the elegant villas and skilfully fashioned the palm-leaf thatched roofs. The villas come equipped with king-size beds draped lavishly in crisp Egyptian cotton sheets.


The timber walls have been designed to allow the bright tropical light to seep into the unit’s interior. Specks of lights, partly reflected off the ocean’s waves, dance across the villa’s ceiling and floor. The private terrace is just the place to spend a mellow evening watching the infinite Indian Ocean.


The interior décor is romantically African, underpinned by select precious timbers. The finely appointed bathrooms have been extravagantly designed in a Mozambiquean style and decorated with elegant marble.


The Vamizi Lodge’s restaurant enjoys an immaculate reputation for its exquisite cuisine, which sports local delicacies as its central theme. You will never have eaten such fresh seafood or expertly prepared Sushi before!


In short, every meal is a culinary sensation. The Vamizi Island Lodge – an idyllic setting that will quickly let the everyday stress and tension fade. Cherish the refined comforts, the tranquil ambience and pristine nature!


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Vamizi Island has many fascinating faces. Apart from supreme relaxation at the lodge or on the beach, there is a large range of water sports options to choose from. It goes without saying that diving and read more » snorkelling are two of the chief activities but there are also deep-sea fishing, fly-fishing or beach fishing.


Everything is in place – sweet idleness or physical activities, you are the architect of your holiday. Kayaks are available for discovering the coastline and boat trips take you out to the open sea. The waters around Vamizi teem with life and you might be rewarded with interesting encounters with the marine inhabitants.


Of course, there are equally fascinating activities available on land, for example, on neighbouring Rongui Island, a popular day trip excursion. The Vamizi Lodge also offers several guided hikes and picnics.


The island is home to countless varieties of birds, both permanent residents and migrating species. Those with a special interest in our feathered friends will quickly find out about the best shady hidey-holes to observe the local birdlife.


Returning home to the comfortable Vamizi Island Lodge after a long day spent exploring, treat yourself to one of the spa’s sophisticated and supremely relaxing massages. Or simply settle down on the beach or on your terrace, a drink in hand, letting your mind wander over the day’s new impressions.


Once your stomach calls you back to the here and now, drop by the first-class restaurant or arrange to have a romantic dinner served in the privacy of your villa’s terrace. Alternatively, you can request to have a table set on the beach. Afterwards, perhaps a cocktail? … pure bliss - the Vamizi Island Lodge in Mozambique!


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