Tsala Treetop Lodge


At the heart of the Garden Route, set among the lush vegetation and breathtaking scenery of the Tsitsikamma Mountain is the unique Tsala Treetop Lodge. As the name suggests, the Lodge has been partially constructed as a tree house and unites adventurous spirit and elite luxury.


The natural materials stone, timber, glass and water enhance this charming combination, trees and artful crafts shaping a fantastic retreat of enticing extravagance. Special attention has been paid to the pledge to not read more » harm the surrounding nature during construction in 2001.


The result is impressive – not one tree was felled but an exceptional and unique hotel has been created among the forest all the same. The large 800 000 m² estate is perfectly located between the virgin forests of the Tsitsikamma region and the golden beaches of the Indian Ocean.


A short ride of just ten kilometres will let you enjoy the beach and the wonderful coastal region.


Ten exciting tree house suites house the distinguished guests. The Tsala Treetop Lodge’s main building accommodates the lounge, dining room, bar and a library.


The suites have been spread out among the trees to ensure intimacy and serene peace for every guest. No more than 20 guests will enjoy the Lodge at any time; it allows the staff to extend its attentive hospitality towards you personally at any time, turning you stay into a memorable time.


The first-class restaurant rounds off the indulgence at the Tsala. Guests can choose between the cuisine’s creations à la carte. Those who enjoy a good wine should not miss the opportunity to sample some of the treasures the Tsala’s wine cellar keeps for you.


Be inspired by the trees moving gently in the warm breeze, the sparkling firmament above and the refined atmosphere enjoying a sumptuous dinner outdoors on the restaurant’s beautiful terrace above the trees!


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The Tsala Lodge offers ten inspiring tree house suits set above the pristine forest’s treetops to grant you a magnificent view out over the valley.


Loose yourself in the meditative feeling of floating read more » above the forest. Elevated boardwalks lead to the suites and permit special insight into the life near the top of the canopy. An integrated deck with your private pool among the treetops is part of your suite … unsurpassed luxury and extravagance set among the lush nature combined with Peter Pan’s spirit! How good does it get?


Your suite’s bed- and living room feature a long row of panoramic windows lending it an airy ambience. The suite is complete by a separate bathroom with a shower and bathtub.


The design and furniture has mostly been skilfully created by hand. The best example is the fireplace which has been constructed from stone and set into the wall.


Fine timber has been used in the construction of the chalets adding to the cosy and comfortable atmosphere.


Each room has been painstakingly appointed with exquisite furniture, small details and numerous accessories which all contribute to a perfect balance of luxury and naturalness.


Rediscover your childhood dreams without compromising a certain level of comfort. Let yourself be seduced by the lodge’s enchanting call. A single indulgent night already merits the journey to this exception place of beauty above the treetops. « show less


This exciting region offers a sheer endless range of activities and excursions to those looking for diversion. Sportive activities include mountain biking tours, horse riding and rock climbing to name read more » just a handful…


Test you skill on one of the many challenging eighteen-hole golf courses which are easily placed among the world’s most scenic courses. Needless to say that the ocean is one large playground for water sports enthusiast.


Sailing, diving, water skiing and deep-sea fishing are all available at your request. Venture inland and take a tumbling wild water rafting trip down the Storm River.


The mouth of the untamed Storm River is protected as part of the scenic Tsitsikamma National Park near Plettenberg Bay. At the spectacular estuary the river’s deep gorge meets the wide expanse of the Indian Ocean.


Spanning the mouth of the river is South Africa’s longest suspension bridge not recommendable to those suffering easily from motion sickness. Explore the depths of the Storm River’s gorge on a boat heading upstream.


Just an hour’s ride and about 30 kilometres to the north of Oudtshoorn are the well worth seeing Cango Caves.


The Cango Caves form the entrance to largest and most complex system of stalactite caves to be found anywhere in the world. Visit the renowned dripstone called Cleopatra’s Needle. The formation reaches 9 metres and is estimated to be over 150 000 years old.


A constant 18° C can be expected in the caves all year round and you are advised to bring some extra clothing in summer. Throughout the system a total of 416 steps have to be mastered requiring a modes level of fitness.


The semi-desert “Little Karoo” constitutes a worthwhile visit (first picture in the gallery above). A special attraction is South Africa’s most well-known ostrich farm “Outshorn” where the adventurous can try their hands at riding one of the strong birds.


After a long day spent exploring the region, come back to the Tsala Treetop Lodge and treat yourself to one last highlight: A relaxing wellness treatment on the comfort of your private terrace overlooking the treetops. A soothing full-body treatment will restore your energy for the next exciting day. « show less