Tintswalo Lodge


The first-class Tintswalo Safari Lodge is situated in the Private Game Reserve Manyeleti bordering the Kruger National Park. It is an area renowned for its superb wildlife observation and consequently also carries the name “Big Five Country”.


The Tintswalo Lodge is spread along a river bed which only seasonally holds water but nevertheless supports a flourishing sycamore tree forest.


Obviously the focus at the Tintswalo is on the many exciting safaris guided by only the most experienced read more » rangers. Join one of the individual game drives to discover the wonders of nature at your own pace and watch the wild animals from up close.


The name Tintswalo does not only stand for the extreme abundance of wildlife but also for the indisputably high quality of the safaris offered. It is a memorable experience to set out for the bush with the rangers and trackers in the early morning hours and learn about the African nature and animals in an edutaining way.


However, on a lazy day, it is hardly necessary to leave the luxurious lodge. The nearby waterhole reliably attracts huge elephant herds taking a drink and a splash. Have your camera in easy reach, put your feet up and enjoy the spectacle reclining on your comfortable veranda.


Each of the seven finely-appointed suites has its private veranda suited for exactly these stunning opportunities. The large timber decks even feature a small private pool.


Sycamore and fig trees casting their shadows, the pool and veranda are the perfect spots to relax after a long hot day spent out in the bush on safari. Take a refreshing dip and let your eyes rest lazily on the enticing scenery unfolding before you.


With only seven cottages accommodating the suites, the Tintswalo Safari Lodge offers a maximum of privacy. These seven “Explorer Suites” each carry the name of a famous discoverer and are divided up between six Luxury Suites and the Presidential Suite.


Set apart from the Lodge, the Manor House offers additional accommodation. The Manor House’s generous design makes it especially suitable for families or small groups.


No matter which of the suites you choose, each one is a highlight. Having been individually designed and furnished, their common feature is the highly luxurious quality apparent in every detail. The suites feature every amenity a discerning guest may expect from a first-rate lodge.


Only one facility has deliberately not been included: A telephone. Tintswalo is a place to unplug, far from the hectic strains of modern civilisation. A true safari lodge, the emphasis is on nature enhanced by the relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


Having spent the day together on safari, both guests and rangers meet in the boma at night, recounting the day’s adventures around the crackling campfire.


Those who desire to take a break from the dusty thrills of the bush may turn to the excellent wellness packages the Élan Vital Clarin’s Spa attached to the lodge offers.


Fully skilled therapists let you forget even the last reminders of civilisation’s stress and tension. Far from home, reunite body and soul and indulge in a lifetime holiday experience.



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Samuel and Florence Baker, Mary Kingsley, Livingston, Richard Burton, John Hanning Speke, Henry Morton Stanley and Thomas Baines – these are the famous explorers in whose memory the Tintswalo Lodge’s read more » suites are named after.


Each suite embodies the essence of noble dreams and deeds and the daring adventure of setting out to explore an uncharted continent. In honour of the name it carries, each respective suite has been individually designed and furnished.


Only the suites’ orientation towards providing the highest comfort possible creates a mutual element. They each feature a spacious bathroom with a separate shower, a mini bar, ceiling ventilator and air-conditioning.


Step outside the finely-appointed interior onto your private veranda and test the exciting outdoor shower or take a plunge in your private pool commanding a breathtaking view of the wild surroundings.


The Baines Suite features the additional amenities of a Presidential Suite. In fact, two suites are connected via board walks to each other and an extra building accommodating a large lounge and open kitchen.


Should you feel the desire for modern entertainment, everything has been set up ready for use. The lounge includes a TV and even a DVD set with a selection of movies to choose from.


Alternatively, you might decide to pay the library a visit and browse through the selection of books including some rather quaint, old volumes. A good book goes well with a good wine. Step into the Tintswalo Lodge’s wine cellar to sample the excellent selection available.


The large Manor Lodge, perfect for families and small groups, has been set aside from the lodge’s main complex. Five minutes driving time are never a burden but ensure privacy.


A large pool just in front of the veranda invites you to splash around with your loved ones to your heart’s content before sitting down for a sumptuous dinner in the boma.


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Lodging no more than a handful of selected guests at any one time, the Tintswalo Safari Lodge is a retreat offering a highly private and exclusive atmosphere.


A typical day at the Tintswalo starts with read more » an early morning game drive, optionally with a picnic breakfast in the bush.


At noon, an open-air lunch has been prepared in front of the main building. The warm, early afternoon is usually a time to relax or to be pampered by the spa’s ingenious treatments.


At night, do not miss your chance to join one of the exciting safaris taking you past dusk deep into the night. Stop for a moment to admire the startling beautiful sunset, a glass of fine wine in hand.


Coming home to the camp, the shine of the fire beckoning, a romantic candle-light dinner or the exotic thrills of the boma under the star-filled night sky are the final flourish after a perfect day.


However, you yourself are the one planning your day. There are no obligations whatsoever. Choose to go on safari when your fancy takes you or enjoy the delicious delicacies prepared by the aspiring cuisine in your own good time.


Should you wish to discover the bush on foot or in an open jeep, an experienced ranger will always be at your side to introduce you to lions, leopards, elephants, hippos or buffaloes. This pristine area will present you with plenty of opportunity to admire the famous “Big Five” from up close.


The game drives at night are an especially exciting adventure. The jeep’s headlights lighting up a section of the bush at a time, eyes gleaming at you from all sides … feel your skin tingle with the thrill of the wild animals observing you just as much as you observe them.


Kingfishers, big birds of prey and many other species, spotted on safari or from your private veranda - bird watchers will not be disappointed by the region’s abundant birdlife and many species.


Manyeleti is renowned for the diversity of species concerning birds. More than 400 species are known to inhabit the area.


Should you decide to spend an easy day without venturing into the bush, let the caring hands of the fully trained therapists at the Élan Vital Clarin’s Spa ease your sores from head to toe.


Children are warmly welcomed to the Tintswalo. Dedicated and qualified staff will playfully teach the small guests interesting secrets about the exciting nature of South Africa. In a special course, the kids will learn to interpret the different animal’s tracks.


Another highlight enjoyed by big and small guests alike, is the observation of the night sky through the lodge’s powerful telescopes. Allow the the Tintswalo team to lay the stars at your feet.


It is not without reason that “Manyeleti” means “Home of the Stars” in the native language.


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