Tintswalo Atlantic

Tintswalo Atlantic


The Tintswalo Atlantic is the perfect Cape Town destination for all those looking for a luxurious accommodation with a special flair. Indulge in the lavish comforts and rest magnificently on the brand-new, oversized beds.


INTOSOL is proud to present you the Tintswalo Atlantic, which opened its doors to the public as recently as in September 2008. Charming and elegant, the innovative boutique hotel exceeds even the most discerning guest’s expectations.


The setting of the Tintswalo Atlantic read more » is no less spectacular: Located in the Cape Mountain Nature Reserve, the fine house is beautifully set just below the famous Chapman’s Peak Drive.


Most guidebooks list Chapman’s Peak Drive as one of the vast continent’s most scenic coastal roads. The environment of the hotel is awe-inspiringly beautiful. Visitors are charged an entry fee to the nature reserve.


However, lodged at the Tintswalo Atlantic, you enjoy the great privilege of relishing nature’s sweet grace at any moment of your stay. Sip a glass of ice-cold champagne while admiring a stunning sun set behind the ocean from the comfort of your balcony.


It is the perfect hors d’oeuvre for one of the Tintswalo’s sensational gourmet dinners. The creative first-class cuisine is a firework of skilfully combined aromas! Those who would prefer a more private setting can have a candlelight dinner for two arranged.


The Tintswalo Atlantic stands out among the many superior accommodations that South Africa offers. The Tintswalo features all the small details that make the great difference!


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The superb Tintswalo Atlantic in Cape Town offers only a limited number of suites, ensuring a maximum of serene tranquillity and privacy.


Every nook and cranny at the Tintswalo tells a story. Individuality read more » is one of the defining principles at this fine house. The eleven sophisticated suites have all been individually designed and named.


Furniture and décor, every suite is reminiscent of a different one of the world’s great island paradises. Materials, colours, shapes and forms were all chosen to underpin the theme.


Set above the Atlantic’s rugged coastline, all of the units offer a stunning view out over the water. The ambience is infused with a sense of air, light, freedom and infinity – it is a place to breathe freely.


Whenever desired, the state-of-the-art air-conditioning system sends a cool breeze blowing through your suite. Incidentally, even the bathroom feature the same stunning view, large panorama windows stretching from floor to ceiling.


Another elegant detail of the bathroom is the freestanding Victorian bathtub. Draw yourself a foam-topped bath, a bottle of champagne at the side and admire the view!


The Princes Island Suite has been decked out in a Byzantine style. Despite the location in South Africa, the picturesque Turkish island is represented well.


The Antigua Suite has been designed with the colours of the ocean and the Zanzibar Suite with those of Africa. Bali is also represented: The Madura Island Suite is a dream in blue and chocolate.


The beauty of the Seychelles’ Cousin Island has been well captured, just like the slightly feminine side of Saint Marie Island – a small gem off Madagascar. Traditional Italian grace can be experienced at the Sicily Island Suite.


Nature and natural elements are the theme of the Lamu Island Suite, which is located off Africa’s east coast. Greece is represented with the stylish Ithica Island Suite.


In honour of Nelson Mandela, one suite was dedicated to Robben Island. Last but not least, French haute-culture par excellence may be experienced at the Elba and Corsica Presidential Suite!


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The scenic Hout Bay on the Chapman’s Peak Drive is well know for its extraordinary beauty and attracts visitor from all over the world. Indulge in the fantastic panorama of the ocean, the beach and the read more » mountains!


The Tintswalo Atlantic Hotel is located amidst the breathtaking Cape Mountain Nature Reserve, which features a network of hiking trails waiting to be discovered.


An usual but exciting way of exploring the inspiring landscape is a scenic helicopter flight. A bird’s perspective allows you to admire all of the Cape Region’s charms at once.


The Cape Region is famous for its first-class vineyards, most of which kindly receive visitors. The scenic setting, superb wine and gracious ambiance – even if you are not a wine drinker you will enjoy the flair.


Some of the world’s most noted wines are produced in the area. Of course, most of them are also available in the thriving and multicultural metropolis in the south of South Africa: Cape Town.


The fascinating city features a myriad of attractions. No matter where your interests lie, be it shopping or history, Cape Town is well worth spending a few hours or even a few days.


Depending on the season, you might even enjoy the chance to join a whale watching tour. Experiencing the massive mammals from up close leaves a lasting impression. With a keen eye, you might even spot whales out on the ocean from the comfort of the Tintswalo.


Many other activities and excursions can be arranged on your request. However, do not forget to take some time just to enjoy the Tintswalo Atlantic’s sweet flair and lush comforts. A few hours of relaxing idleness will restore your energies for the next exciting day.


The hotel’s beautifully-designed plunge pool is perfect for a refreshing dip on a hot day. Afterwards, stroll into the kitchen and learn from the masters at work. Maybe the one or other tip will come in handy back at home.


Feeling a little tense? Treat yourself to a professional massage in the comfort of you suite and allow caring hands to rub away the stress and tension. The Tintswalo Atlantic in Cape Town – South Africa at its best!


Talk to the experienced team of INTOSOL travel consultants. We know all of the Tintswalo Lodges personally and it is a pleasure for us to offer you advice and tailor the perfect holiday for you!



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