Thorngrove Manor Hotel

Thorngrove Manor Hotel


The ornate Thorngrove Manor Hotel is quite a sight to behold! And it would certainly not come as a great surprise if you would cross paths with Sleeping Beauty or Snow White. The elegant luxury hotel bears all the hallmarks of a fairy tale castle.


Thorngrove is the epitome of romantic flair and privacy as well as quaint elegance and refined luxury of old. Set amidst lush pine forests and pristine nature, the setting perfectly complements the hotel’s delightful design.


The architecture’s read more » venerated grace doubtlessly draws inspiration from the world of legend, myth and fantasy: sand stone walls are complemented by traditional timber framework and elaborate gables presided over by distinctive turrets.


The Thorngrove Manor is a hot recommendation for couples in search of a peaceful retreat to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A member of the renowned association Small Luxury Hotels of the World, the Thorngrove has been awarded five stars – a clear indication of the refined luxuries and immaculate service to be expected.


Most relevantly, the Thorngrove Manor accommodates no more than two couples at any given moment. Relish the exclusive flair, supreme privacy and peaceful solitude. Everything is set for memorable and romantic days in a magic setting.


The interior has been designed in harmony with the exceptional architecture. Experience the splendour of past centuries. Discover precious antiques, sophisticated décor and old-fashioned glamour! The historic ambience has been successfully coupled with high-class luxury.


Incidentally, the Thorngrove Manor Hotel’s setting is perfect: Nestling amidst one of Australia’s oldest wine-growing region, the hotel is set at only 20 minutes driving distance from Adelaide – perfect for exploring the surroundings!


The hotel’s immaculate and detailed service includes a gourmet dinner served in the privacy of your suite. Unveil delicious treats prepared with fresh, local ingredients served on precious china and sterling silver. Of course, lit by soft candlelight!


The Thorngrove Manor House seems to have dropped out of the pages of a fairytale – relish the unique romantic flair and supreme luxury!


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Rest your head in the tower room like Sleeping Beauty or reside in stately elegance at the Kings Chamber! Of course, you might prefer the extravagant comforts at the Queens Chamber.


The Thorngrove read more » Manor Hotel offers you a choice between six unique accommodation options that all radiate a peculiar and tremendously graceful fairytale flair.


Take a guess at the exact location of the Tower Loft Room: A spiral staircase leads up into luxury accommodation heavens. And having reached the top, the cosy ebony bed promises a well deserved rest and dreams of knights and princesses.


Make yourself comfortable in the lavish seating area or take a leisurely soak in the elegant spa bathtub. The romantic flair is furthermore enhanced by details like the antique French bronze sculpture and the golden décor lining the timber ceiling – the reflecting light glimmer, gleams and bathes the room in a soft light.


Doubtlessly, the Observatory Suite will charm you heart and flatter your senses! Lean back in the foam-topped bathtub and admire the stars above. The king-sized bed carries the implicit promise of restful nights par excellence!


A number of extraordinary details deserve extra mention: A small kitchen area allows you to self-supply and enjoy dinner at the elegant Georgian oak dining table. The precious carpets afford the interior with natural warmth and a cosy flair. And in the mornings, wake up slow, throw open the curtains and enjoy a magnificent view out over the valley and the treetops!


The Queens Chamber unites romantic flair with great craftsmanship. Invariably, your eyes will roam up and down the vast tapestry depicting elaborately woven antique scenes.


Having torn your eyes away from this magnificent work of art, step out onto the large terrace for a breathtaking vista of Mother Nature’s beautiful work. Moreover, the precious 18th century candlesticks, colourful stained glass windows and ornate ceilings add their splashes to the design bouquet.


The Castle Chamber’s ambience transports you back to medieval days – in a good way! The luxury apartment is set out on two floors connected by stone spiral staircase.


The design includes French frescoes, antique furniture and a large stone fireplace. Offering plenty of space to kick back and unwind in fine style, the Castle Chamber features a gorgeous balcony and comfortable lounge.


Last but not least, there is the extraordinary Kings Chamber. The antechamber leads to a royal abode that leaves nothing to be desired. Unavailable to the public, make yourself comfortable in front of the imposing fireplace.


The stained windows flood the interior with speckles of colours. And should the creative muse be upon you, just key out a tune on the antique piano.


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Having duly relished the Thorngrove Manor Hotel’s extraordinary flair, you will discover that the leisure time activities are equally exceptional. It is quite natural to while away a few hours strolling read more » the rooms and hallways in order to admire the precious décor, the antique furniture and precious artwork.


The Thorngrove’s excellent spa offers a range of treatments that may be applied in the comfort of your suite. Spoil yourself with a professional massage or manicure. Only natural beauty products like essential oils, bush honey and precious soils are used in the treatments.


The Thorngrove Manor Hotel is the perfect location for a well deserved break from the tiring strain of everyday modern life. It is just the right place to regain your balance and unwind in fine style!


Stroll the wonderfully kept castle gardens and relish the fairytale flair. Bask in the warm Australian sun or take the time to read a book in the shade of the trees – when was the last time you enjoyed such simple pleasures?


The setting takes you back in time -it takes you out of time- far removed from hectic, stress, appointments and noise. Take a breather and spend some quiet, memorable days with just your loved one by your side!


Romantic flair par excellence is the Thorngrove’s principal trade. Of course, this includes delicious candlelight dinners served in the privacy of your stately chambers. Gourmet delicacies, soft, flickering light, precious china and absolute privacy are the ingredients for a perfect night at the Thorngrove.


Then again, should you be longing to stretch your legs, there is plenty to see and do in the vicinity of the hotel. The lively city Adelaide is a mere twenty minutes drive away.


Other highly recommendable attractions include Kangaroo Island as well as the Cleland Wildlife Park. Moreover, the surroundings also boast golf courses, vineyards and museums.


And for a change of scenery, the charming little village Stirling is located only a few minutes away! Everything is set for unforgettable days at the Thorngrove Manor Hotel!


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