Thonga Beach Lodge


The luxurious Thonga Beach Lodge is situated on the picturesque bay Maputalands on the strip of coast called Mabibi next to Lake Sibiya.


The Lodge has 24 beds and is an ideal basis for discovering one of the most untouched regions on the African continent.


Mabibi is characterised by sweeping coastal woods, grass landscapes, sparkling lakes and fantastic sand beaches. The crystal-clear and warm ocean offers excellent diving and snorkelling sites.


The Thonga Beach Lodge is situated only a read more » few metres away from the beach, directly above a protected bay. Set amidst a pristine coastal wood atop the dunes, it commands a wonderful view of the beach below.


After a ten minute drive, you will arrive at Lake Sibiya, which is the biggest fresh water lake in South Africa. Sibiya belongs to the greater St. Lucia Wetland Park, which is now part of the UNESCO nature heritage.


Apart from the obvious activities like extensive beach walks and discovering the impressive nature, the Lodge itself offers numerous amenities to indulge in.


You will have dinner on the big observation deck in front of the thatched-roof "rondavel". Alternatively, guests can enjoy a romantic dinner directly on the beach.


A cosy fireplace in the lounge is the perfect spot to settle down comfortably, chatting about the day’s adventures. The finely-appointed lounge features an excellent view of the beach and the surrounding woods.


At noontime, guests can relax at the poolside, a refreshing drink from the pool bar in hand. Those looking for more relaxation can indulge in the Wellness and Spa Centre’s pleasures.


A well-organised dive centre and a souvenir shop complete the Thonga Beach Lodge’s range of facilities.


Quite recently, the INTOSOL team enjoyed the great chance to personally inspect the Thonga Beach. The highlights worth pointing out: The spectacular setting in the seemingly endless dunes landscape, the welcoming atmosphere as well as the first-class cuisine and superb service.


Talk to our team. It is a pleasure for us to share not only the personal experience of the hotel but also the intimate knowledge of the Natal Coast with you. Let us help turn your holiday into a roaring success.


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The Thonga Beach Lodge’s twelve luxurious cottages are harmoniously integrated into the coastal woods and blend seamlessly with the pristine environment.


The drive out to the lodge is a little adventure read more » all by itself – you can reach the Lodge in 4X4s only. Your vehicle will be parked approximately 20 minutes away from the Lodge and the employees will pick up guests with sturdy vehicles designed tackle sand dunes.


Generously spaced apart, the thatched-roof cottages nestle under the forests cover. They have been set onto wooden platforms for extra stability and to avoid any damage to the dunes. Skilfully distributed, every guest is able to enjoy absolute privacy.


The Thonga Beach Lodge’s architects found inspiration in the traditional Thonga fishing villages, which are brilliantly adapted to their surroundings.


Nearly every room offers excellent views from the private terrace out over the beach. The cottages are situated most conveniently, only 30 to 120 metres away from the beach.


The rooms are decorated most tastefully, featuring a romantic ambiance. Select timbers and other natural materials as well as plenty of glass have been chosen deliberately to create an open and airy feeling.


The rooms feature a finely appointed bathroom with a two showers (one indoors and one open-air), a bathtub made of stone and a double washbasin. Furthermore, they offer a ventilator, air-conditioning, a mini bar as well as a mosquito net over the bed. Of course, the attentively service is included.


To put the matter in a nutshell: A holiday at the Thonga Beach Lodge is like a luxurious Robinson Crusoe adventure!


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Where activities are concerned, the fantastic nature surrounding the Thonga Beach Lodge enjoys top priority.


Directly in front of the Lodge there is a wonderful sand beach where you can go for a walk read more » or just relax.


On a quest to discover the breathtaking underwater world, you can don mask and snorkel and explore the hidden treasure of the crystal-clear ocean.


In only ten minutes, Sibiya, the biggest fresh water lake in South Africa, can be reached. Sibiya belongs to the Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park, which is now regognised as a UNESCO world heritage site.


The Wetland Park is characterised by the occurrence by both freshwater and saltwater habitats and an impressive diversity of species. Furthermore, it is also a true paradise for bird watchers – do not forget your binoculars and camera.


Licensed divers can choose among a number of excellent dive sites and those interested in learning to dive can join a course finishing with a diver’s licence.


Moreover, the Lodge offers the following activities: canoeing on the Lake Sibiya, boat trips on the lake, guided hiking tours through the woods, cultural experiences (Thonga), ocean and fly-fishing.


A special highlight is the turtle tracking. From November to January, the female Loggerhead Turtles and the Leatherback Turtles come back to their birthplace to lay their eggs.


In compliance with all conservation restrictions, guests can observe the turtles digging a hole to lay their eggs in the evening hours.


Approximately 60 days later, the little turtles hatch and run for their lives to get into the sea. It is a unique and memorable event. Only one in every 50 turtles will again return to Mabibi once they are grown and ready to complete the cycle of life.


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