The Majlis Lamu


White sand beaches beneath a bright blue sky, palm trees gently nodding in a warm ocean breeze and the fragrance of exotic flowers floating on the air: The pristine Manda Island in the Lamu Archipelago is a picture-perfect tropical paradise!


And it is paradise that comes with all the modern-day creature comforts included: The luxurious Majlis Lamu features contemporary comforts, an elegant restaurant and a sumptuously equipped spa. Located in the south of the island, the luxury hotel is the perfect read more » choice for a beach extension after having been on daring and dusty safaris.


The Majlis Lamu’s style and interior design is based on the Swahili culture, infused with Omani, Indian, Asian and generally modern elements. It all blends together in an excitingly eclectic and uniquely fascinating mix that nevertheless succeeds in creating a cosy and comfortable flair throughout.


A stay at the privately led Majlis Lamu comes with a variety of perks that complement the fine facilities and superb service: The luxurious suites command a breathtaking view of the sun-kissed beach and the coastline from their verandas.


The inviting swimming pool nestles beneath the welcome shade cast by acacia and palm trees and provides wonderful refreshment from the day’s heat. Moreover, it will be a pleasure to the Majlis friendly staff to serve a cold drink or light snack at the pool bar.


Start the day with a healthy breakfast: tropical fruit and warm bread fresh from the stone oven. For lunch, we recommend the fresh fish. And at night, when the sun sinks behind the Indian Ocean’s distant horizon, the Majlis Lamu delights the palate with both regional and international delicacies including pizza, pasta and sushi.


Plenty of available activities let the days fly by: First and foremost, the luxury hotel’s spa is celebrated for its wonderful massages. And on a different day, enjoy mountain-biking in the pristine nature, sailing or fishing. Welcome! « show less


The Majlis Lamu offers its distinguished guests 25 supremely comfortable Deluxe and Family Rooms as well as Junior Suites and Royal Suites located in three separate villas. In its own terms, the stylish read more » luxury hotel describes itself as “idyllic, luxurious, stylish and unique” … we perfectly agree!


Every villa commands a wonderful view out over the white sand beach and the bright blue ocean. Natural building materials like coral blocks, sand and mangrove timber allow the Majlis Lamu to blend in with the pristine beauty of Manda Island.


A charming detail: All the doors have been elaborately decorated with Lamu style wood carvings reminiscent of the East Africa heritage. The rooms are spacious and airy, featuring high ceilings, large windows and generous terraces.


The air-conditioned Deluxe Rooms have been furnished with baldachin-topped double beds or twin beds. Step out onto the balcony or terrace and settle down on the comfortable furniture. Precious wood carvings depict Swahili scenes and symbols. The luxurious ensuite bathrooms leave nothing to be desired.


Just like the Deluxe Rooms, the Family Rooms guarantee well protected privacy and an elegant flair. Two connecting bedrooms provide plenty of space. The first has been furnished with a large double bed, the second with two single beds. Two bathrooms ensure you will never have to stand in line.


Step it up and choose the luxurious Junior Suite. Silky textiles, elaborately designed woodwork and select art and décor elements set the tone. Moreover, you also enjoy the comfort of two bathrooms. The highlight of the Junior Suite, however, is doubtlessly the sweeping terrace that is just perfect for enjoying a leisurely sundowner or just to close your eyes, listening to the silence.


Last but not least, there is the Majlis Lamu’s crownig jewel: the stately Royal Suite! The luxurious and large apartment is composed of two Junior Suites connected by an elegant lounge furnished with designer pieces. The large veranda invites you to make yourself at home and settle down on the plush sofas. « show less


Active relaxation is the term that has been coined for the Majlis Lamu’s activity programme. Start the day with walk or a run down the beach. Of course, you can also go cross country as far as the Takwa read more » Ruins. A personal trainer and guide is available on request. And then, of course, you may also hop atop a mountain bike should you prefer to be seated.


The Majlis’ beautifully designed swimming pool is just perfect for a few easy laps. Those looking for a challenge may follow the Majlis Lamu’s recommendation and swim down an 800 metres long channel down to the beach at Shela Village on Lamu Island. The current in the channel is the determining factor: usually you will need between 20 to 25 minutes to swim the full distance. A boat and lifeguard will accompany you for the entire distance and may also drive you back to the hotel.


The ocean offers yet another wide set of activities: Explore the Lamu archipelago’s vibrant underwater world on a snorkelling or diving expedition. Those that prefer to stay on top of things may choose kite-surfing, wakeboarding or deep-sea fishing.


The Majlis Lamu also offers two gyms: one located close to the pool, the second, the Jungle Gym looks out over the hotel’s lush, green gardens. Both gyms have been equipped with modern treadmills and multi-functional training machines for both cardio and strength training sessions.


Not everything is about sports. Of course, you may just decide to kick back and take it slow. Or set sails atop a traditional Dhow boat to enjoy the view of the island from the distance. Speedboats are also available should you like to kick up a bit of a bow wave. En route, you can always decide on a short stop on the sand island Manda Toto. Lamu Island and Kiwayu Island may also serve as a destination for those out and about exploring.


And then, finally, when you return to the Majlis Lamu after a long and exciting day, possible tired and worn out from the day’s strenuous activities, you can always count on the superb spa to provide wonderful massage to ease every strain and tension out of your muscles. The massage treatments may be applied in the privacy of your room or even on the beach! « show less