The Charlotte Jane

The Charlotte Jane


The Charlotte Jane in Christchurch was inaugurated as a quaint boutique hotel in 1995. However, the graceful building dates back to 1891, when it was constructed as a private school for girls.


The name Charlotte Jane goes back to one of the first four ships that brought British settlers to New Zealand. It was on December the 16th in 1850 that the Charlotte Jane pulled into Lyttelton Harbour.


Today the Charlotte Jane offers comforts and luxuries that are vastly different from the hardships read more » suffered aboard her namesake. Indulge in the refined elegance and glamour of colonial days gone by.


Built and furnished in a classic Victorian style, The Charlotte Jane in Christchurch offers luxury accommodation par excellence. The attentive service and sophisticated comforts pleasantly surprise even the most demanding guests.


The Charlotte Jane is not only one of the South Island’s most notable boutique hotels, it additionally boasts one of Christchurch’s most exquisite gourmet restaurants: the celebrated The Alexander Lawrence.


On a fine day, you may dine alfresco amidst the hotel’s blossoming gardens. And speaking about the gardens: Set in a New Zealand region that is recognised for its lush, colourful gardens, The Charlotte Jane lavishly decorates with fragrant, fresh flowers.


Indeed, Christchurch is occasionally called the Garden City. Set quietly amidst flowering plants and yet close to the centre, the Charlotte Jane is the first choice for those seeking supreme relaxation, honeymooners and business travellers alike.


No less than five dining areas are available for your culinary wellbeing. Apart from the renowned The Alexander Lawrence, The Patio offers a large veranda with a barbecue that also prepares scrumptious pizza fresh from the oven.


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The Charlotte Jane nestles amidst lush gardens that boast ancient trees surround ended by blossoming rhododendron and fragrant roses. The setting is indescribably romantic and picturesque.


The traditional read more » and quaint flair also characterises the Charlotte’s interior design. Each of the graceful boutique hotel’s rooms has been decked out with great attention to detail and loving care.


Select pieces of furniture and fine wood panelling underpin the warm and cosy flair. Large sliding windows open wide, flooding the room with morning light and fresh air.


Moreover, most rooms feature the added comfort of an open fireplace, allowing you to snuggle up in front of a crackling fire radiating warmth and flickering light. For your entertainment, a TV, videos and a selection of magazines are available.


The finely appointed bathroom’s centrepiece is the elegant free-standing bathtub. Having indulged in a long, slow foam-topped bath, wrap yourself into the soft bathrobes and comfortable slippers.


Quality toiletries complement the bathroom’s amenities and even include a toothbrush and shoe polish. And should you care for a little drink in between, the reception always holds a few cold drinks ready.


The Honeymoon Suite is the first choice for couples in love. An extra large mahogany bed promises sweet dreams to come. And those that would like to raise the level of luxury by yet another notch will want to consider The Super Luxury Suite!


A beautiful French bed, spa bathroom and large fireplace create an ambience that is as romantic as it is supremely comfortable. The Luxury Suite offers an ensuite bathtub or alternatively an ensuite shower.


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The Charlotte Jane is all about supreme relaxation and indulging in the beautiful setting and serene tranquillity. The library stocks countless great reads to bury your nose in. Just in case, internet read more » is also available.


Settle down in an armchair and take the time to read a few hours. Alternatively, sip a coffee and just observe the to and fro on Papanui Street.


Of course, picturesque Christchurch waits to be explored at your leisure. You may want to start at the Canterbury Museum, which exhibits masterpieces of Maori, Chinese and Antarctic art.


Stroll the beautiful botanic gardens in Hagley Park or walk along the Avon River that criss-crosses the enchanting city. A fascinating selection of local arts and crafts may be admired at The Arts Centre located in the old Canterbury University.


More art is displayed at the celebrated The Robert McDougall Art Gallery. However, should you be rather more interested in shopping, the Mirvale Village is a great place to start. Afterwards, indulge in the delicacies at one of the many excellent restaurants.


The Christchurch Casino allows you to risk a wager with Fortuna. Lyttelton Harbour is of great historic significance and the Sumner Beach boasts the classic thrills sun, sand and sea.


There certainly is a lot to do. If you would like to extent your range, you can explore the many vineyards in the Canterbury region or visit the alpine spa city Hanmer.


A different day you may drive out to Kaikoura – New Zealand’s whale-watching capital, where you may observe the gentle giants from up close. And always, you can return to The Charlotte Jane, to peaceful tranquillity – to daydream, read or doze!


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