Kwando Tau Pan Camp

Kwando Tau Pan Camp


The news about the Kalahari’s sensational natural beauty and austere splendour has travelled around the globe. Opened as recently as February 2009, the Kwando Safari Group’s luxurious Tau Pan Camp offers superb accommodation in the region of the same name.


By the way, the world Kalahari comes from the Tsawan language and literally means “great thirst” and describes the vast expanse of red sand desert, which sees no or little rain throughout the year.


The Tau Pan Camp was the first, read more » and so far only, camp to be granted a permission to set up an ecologically friendly, permanent lodge in the Tau Pan. The Tau Pan’s eight guest tents offer a new, wildly exciting destination for safaris in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.


Experience an African adventure par excellence. Lean back and rest your eyes on the distant horizons. Admire the tumbling cloud formations and their vague promise of rain or scan the bush for movement, trying to spot wildlife.


In the summer months, thunderstorms set in and powerful lightening splits the skies. An inspiring environment and a magnificent lodge: you may look forward to a memorable stay at the Tau Pan Camp!


Of course, the Tau Pan Camp features every amenity and creature comfort to ensure your unconditional wellbeing in the Kalahari. Each of the six tent units boasts a private veranda, which is the perfect spot to appreciate the harsh landscape, flora and fauna.


It goes without saying that safaris are at the focus of all activities. The safaris are conducted either in an all-terrain vehicle or in the form of guided safari hikes. The enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides take great pleasure in introducing you to this highly particular ecosystem.


At the end of a long day filled with new impressions, sit down to delicious local fare at the Tau Pan Camp’s welcoming dining area. Chat to the other guests, sip a glass of exquisite wine and relish the stunning display of natural beauty, which is kindly being provided by a desert sunset.


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Enjoy absolute privacy and the quiet flair at the Tau Pan Camp in the Kalahari Desert, Botswana. The luxurious lodge’s eight guest units are perched atop a slight elevation and grant a magnificent view read more » of the Tau Pan waterhole, which attracts wildlife year round.


The guest units have all been integrated harmonically into the surrounding wilderness. A private veranda commands a view of the Kalahari landscape unfurling below. A natural colour scheme and natural materials create a flowing transition from man-made structure to nature’s creations.


Families are warmly welcome and perfectly accommodated in the Family Room, which sleeps four guests. Moreover, a special room has been set aside for those travelling with a private guide or pilot.


The general facilities include an elegant dining area, swimming pool, a library and a small shop. No more than 18 guests are accommodated at the Tau Pan Camp at any one time and you may exchange safari adventures over dinner or a cocktail.


The bar offers a selection of drinks that include not only cocktails mixed to perfection but also finest wines and cold beer. Furthermore, the Tau Pan’s laundry service is quick and efficient.


Sustainable tourism is one of the Tau Pan Camp’s primary concerns. This commitment to nature expresses itself not only in the design and the responsibly conducted safaris but also in the solar panels, which provide the camp with electricity.


Kwando Safaris carries a big responsibility. So far, only the Tau Pan Camp has been granted a permission for a permanent lodge in the central Kalahari Game Reserve. Apart from the strict regulations, Kwando has pledged to put nature conservation above all other interests.


Thus, all excursion and safaris are duly accompanied by highly trained guides and trackers and only led along the clearly marked tracks.


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The Kalahari Game Reserve is doubtlessly one of the most famous reserves on earth – a reputation that is well justified. The mystifying, red sand landscape stretches out over 2500 kilometres from South read more » Africa’s northern most tip as far the Kongo Republic.


The Central Kalahari Game Reserve boasts 52,800 square kilometres of pristine wilderness, easily placing it among the world’s largest national parks. It is a sanctuary of unspoilt, rugged natural splendour.


The small but charming Tau Pan Camp is the perfect basis for exploring this harsh world of wonder. Relish the refined creature comforts and explore the Kalahari Desert at its heart.


The safaris are conducted either in an all-terrain vehicle or in the form of guided safari hikes. The enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides take great pleasure in introducing you to the intricate ecosystem.


We recommend visiting this region just after the summer’s rainfalls. During this time, the Kalahari unfolds its true magic and greatest diversity. Suddenly, the world’s largest sand pit blossoms and a lush green carpet of fresh vegetation springs into existence.


Even though springboks, Oryx antelopes and gnus may be observed year round, numbers are boosted in the wet season other migrating species move into the region and, in turn, attract their predators.


The large herds of antelopes are readily followed by lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyaenas and the African wild dog. The birdlife is equally prolific: Among others, keep your eyes peeled for the largest flying bird, the Kori Bastard, as well as the overall largest bird, the Ostrich, which, it has to be said, has long ago given up any efforts to take to the air.


The Tau Pan Camp’s and Kwando Safari’s strictly environmentally friendly policies “only” permit safaris on marked tracks and trails. However, even along these paths the abundance of wildlife is astounding and wilderness adventures are frequently exchanged over a cocktail and delicious dinner at night.


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