Swakopmund Guesthouse

Swakopmund Guesthouse


The Swakopmund Guesthouse follows a simple guideline: Your absolute comfort and wellbeing! Leander Berg, the founder and manager of the small hotel, personally sees to it that this pledge is fulfilled all the way!


Lovingly designed and tastefully furnished, the Swakopmund Guesthouse is located right in the centre of the city. The beach and the shopping streets are only a five minutes’ walk away.


The Swakopmund region is well known for its exciting activities. Ride down the desert’s dunes read more » on a sand-board or spin the wheels of a quad bike. Brave the waves or explore the region securely mounted atop a sturdy horse or swaying camel.


The region’s captivating landscapes provide a backdrop that makes just taking a stroll a memorable experience. Moreover, small Swakopmund itself is also quite worth a visit, radiating a vibrant charm. Explore the colonial past and dine in fine style.


The Guesthouse is the former holiday home of the Berg family. Completely refurbished in 2009, it now receives guests without having lost its family flair and gracious style.


Only eleven rooms and one family suite keep the maximum number of guests pleasantly low. And, of course, every unit boasts its personal style. The house is built mostly with stone and wood.


The natural materials and sustainable hotel operations reflect the Berg’s dedication to nature preservation so that Namibia’s great natural beauty may be shared with many future generations.


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The friendly ambience and personal service are what set the Swakopmund Guesthouse apart from other hotels. The design is bright and modern, incorporating elements of the ocean and the desert.


Shining read more » white, ochre hues and bright blue create an appealing colour scheme. The decorations are contemporary and skilfully implemented. Paintings capture the ocean’s fascination and natural stone is reminiscent of the country’s rugged hinterland.


After extensive renovations in 2009, the former Berg holiday home nowadays offers 11 rooms and a Family Suite. The rooms are divided into four Standard Rooms and seven Luxury Rooms.


Generously designed and equipped with a TV and mini bar, the rooms have been furnished with quality in mind. Of course, the fine facilities come coupled with exquisite service.


The laundry service is quick and efficient and the shuttle service whisks you off to your destination in no time. Just lean back, close your eyes and imagine being at home.


A new day in Swakopmund starts with a sumptuous breakfast at the restaurant. Take your time to enjoy all the delicacies set before you.


The Swakopmund Guesthouse’s owners are dedicated to sustainable tourism and have implemented water recycling and solar energy at the Swakopmund Guesthouse. Find out more about the various strategies to reduce the impact on the environment.


The Swakopmund Guesthouse is a place to feel at home at. A place to put your feet up and recharge the batteries. A place for a chat and a smile.


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The friendly Swakopmund Guesthouse is a great basis to explore the small but fascinating town Swakopmund. Founded in 1892, the desert outpost Swakopmund was once the most frequented harbour of the region.


The read more » function and face of the city have changed. It many ways it is quieter than it used to be but the change may also be for the better. Today, lush parks, palm trees and flower beds characterise Swakopmund.


At only a few minutes’ walking distance from the Swakopmund Guesthouse, you will find gourmet restaurants, lively bars and vibrant clubs.


Another classic trade in Swakopmund is the jewellery business. Countless stores offer their precious arts and crafts. Modern pieces and traditional African designs are sold side by side and make for wonderful souvenirs and gifts.


Not just jewellers but also other artists expose and sell their craft. Stroll the many colourful shops or support the street artists with their selection of inexpensive goods.


Considering the relatively small size of the town, Swakopmund offers surprisingly many museums and expositions – some peculiar ones included: Founded in 1951, a museum showcases the world’s largest collection of bird eggs. And the Sam Cohen Library exhibits the 2000 works of Ferdinand Stich.


Those who are ready for some action may turn to the many adventure sports options that may be practised all year round. Surfing and windsurfing, skydiving, paragliding, fishing, sand-boarding and sand-skiing, quad biking in the dunes, kayaking, horse riding or dolphin tours – you name it!


If you prefer the great outdoors but would like to enjoy the African sun in combination with a gentleman’s activity, you will be thrilled by the highly scenic golf course, which ranks among the most beautiful in southern Africa.


And last but not least, you may head due east along the Welwitschia Trail – an exceptional drive that will introduce you to Namibia’s exotic flora and fauna!


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