Summerfields River Lodge


If ever Hollywood casts about for the perfect setting to shoot a romantic movie in South Africa, the Summerfields River Lodge & Rose Spa are spot on.


Nestling under age-old trees, next to the Sabie River in a hidden valley, the Summerfields River Lodge welcomes guests with the sweet smell of roses. The roses are grown and sold in several outlet shops spread throughout the Summerfields Estates.


Those who seek great natural beauty, serene tranquillity and an idyllic hideaway have found their read more » welcoming haven at the Summerfields Lodge.


Special attention is dedicated to fine cuisine and culinary indulgence. Only fresh, locally grown produce finds its way into Lienkie Erasmus’ kitchen. Furthermore, the restaurant maintains its own vegetable and herb patch to ensure prime quality.


Wake up to the mouth-watering smell of fresh bread baking in the oven. From bread, mayonnaise and chutney to a delicious pesto, everything is homemade and prepared with great attention to detail.


In fact, the attention paid to details is apparent in every aspect of the lodge. A romantic finishing trim or a bouquet of sweet-scented roses – nothing is left to chance. It is the Summerfield’s great ambition to make you stay absolutely perfect.


It is a pleasure for the service to team to organise the transfers to the Kruger International Airport. Another detail demonstrating the Summerfield’s leading position: The lodge maintains a small fleet of aircraft which are available for private charter flights to Germiston or Lanseria.


Everything has been thought of; everything has been placed at your disposition. Your holiday of a lifetime will start the moment you book with INTOSOL.


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The Summerfields River Lodge … roses at every turn: on your folded towels, on the large cosy bed or as a fragrant bouquet in the finely-appointed bathroom. No matter which way you turn, the luxurious read more » lodge welcomes you with its graceful trademark.


Each of the twelve luxurious tent suites is situated beneath soaring trees and offers maximum privacy. Settle down onto your private terrace and indulge in the exotic sounds of the African wilderness.


Most guests quickly choose the terrace as their favourite spot to unwind while sipping from a steaming mug of tea or coffee and a homemade cookie. Your suite’s tea and coffee preparing facilities allow you to indulge in this simply luxury whenever the fancy strikes you.


Select pieces of furniture and quality textiles underpin your lodge’s elegant flair. On a hot day, the ceiling ventilator and a modern air-conditioning system send a refreshing breeze through your luxurious tent.


The highlight of the bathroom: a freestanding bathtub commanding a magnificent view of the enticing surroundings. On your request, the obliging service team will draw you a foam-topped bath while you enjoy dinner.


You have the choice between the classic romantic bath complete with a bottle of champagne or revitalising additives. Afterwards, shrug into soft bathrobes. Pure bliss!


The perfect finish to perfect day! If you like, settle down twirling a glass of golden sherry while the iPod sets the ambience’s tone. Your suite caters for every eventuality. An exciting option for the morning: the exotic open-air shower.


The refrigerator stocks a selection of cold drinks and snacks and the electronic safe protects your valuables. The only question you will have to decide upon: Why should you ever want to leave such a blessed hideaway.


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Both the Summerfield Estate and the pristine surroundings offer a multitude of leisure and sports activities. Time flies at the Summerfield River Lodge.


Two golf courts are located in the lodge’s read more » vicinity and allow you to improve you handicap. Those who seek the rush of adrenaline can dare the foaming wrath of the river on a white water rafting tour.


Provided that vertiginous heights do not affect you, a hot air balloon ride is a more tranquil but incomparably scenic experience. It is not every day that you can soar gracefully above the earth, without the din of relentlessly droning engines.


Having landed safely, you can explore the landscape you admired from the air on horseback. The well-trained, trusty animals cater for every level of experience. Both advanced riders and novices are welcome to join the excursions.


If you cannot imagine yourself on a horse, maybe you appreciate the thrills of quad bike ride. An excursion to the world-famous Kruger National Park should most definitely be included in your itinerary. The diverse and prolific wildlife population is absolutely stunning.


However, you need not necessarily venture far, you can easily while away a few pleasant days on the Summerfields Estate. Join a guided tour focusing on the art of growing roses. You will be amazed at the skill and knowledge involved.


Stroll among the Macadamia plantations or explore the shore of the picturesque river. Grab a few mountain bikes if you would like to expand your range and get some exercise.


Back at the Summerfield Lodge, the spa offers soothing massages and a number of sophisticated treatments. Let caring hands rub your sore muscles or simply indulge in the breathtaking view.


Body, mind and soul, the first-class spa will pamper you with every trick in the book. While you soak in the spa’s sumptuous baths, it is well possible that a hippo on the other side of the river is indulging in the exact same pleasures.


The Summerfield River Lodge has earned itself a reputation for exceptional holidays, characterised by exclusive comforts and intense nature experiences. INTOSOL will introduce you to this fantastic destination and the Summerfields Lodge will charm you with all its inescapable magic.


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