Sugar Beach Resort


The island nation Mauritius is situated in the Southwest of the Indian Ocean, approximately 900 kilometres east of Madagascar. It is small in size but rich in history.


The islands were discovered by the Portuguese as early as 1505. However, in the following decades and centuries, Mauritius passed through many hands and was consecutively held by the Dutch, the French and the British.


Finally, in 1968, Mauritius succeeded in securing its independency. Politically, it cast off the ties of the read more » colonial forces. Nevertheless, centuries of various European influences left their unmistakable mark on the country and have lastingly lend the islands a special flair.


Some of the quaint atmosphere of these days gone by can still be experienced at the Sugar Beach Resort on Mauritius’ west coast. The Sugar Beach is a member of the celebrated Sun Resorts hotel chain, which also operates the exclusive Le Touessrok Hotel.


A fortune having been spent on extensive refurbishing as recently as 2008, the Sugar Beach has advanced to one of Mauritius most charming and beautiful hotel resorts.


The Sugar Beach’s backdrop is a real world copy of those tempting travel agency shop window decorations. Built in the old-fashioned plantation style, the exceptional hotel is set on an immaculate, white beach with turquoise waves gently licking at the sand.


Fringing the beach, beautifully designed and well-kept gardens fill the air with the sweet fragrance of countless tropical flowers. The Sugar Beach Hotel is a small paradise on earth!


Of course, the culinary delights also receive due attention. No less than four exquisite restaurants compete for the discerning guest’s favour. The stylish eateries create a feast for all five senses and specialise on local, Mediterranean and international gourmet cuisine.


Time to daydream: You are strolling down the palm-fringed beach while the setting sun paints the evening sky in bright shades of orange and purple-blue. Crush the warm sand between you naked toes and let the waves roll over your feet.


Doubtlessly, the Sugar Beach Resort will not only provide the perfect setting for a supremely relaxing holiday but also leave a lasting impression on your memory and in your heart.


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Let us pain the picture: You are resting comfortably on your patio or balcony, a refreshing drink from the mini bar in hand, and are totally absorbed in the evening sky that slowly fades from glowing pink read more » to deep purple, making room for a sea of twinkling stars.


Keep your legs stretched out and you head turned upwards a little longer and you might spot a shooting star. In total, the Sugar Beach Hotel offers 258 luxurious rooms and suites. The low-rise construction style and the quaint layout of a colonial plantation make the number appear a trifle.


Authentic mahogany furniture infuses the ambience with a refined note. The interior’s colour scheme of pastel and beige create a sense of airiness and unobtrusive elegance.


Of course, despite the quaint appearance, the units feature state-of-the-art electronic equipment. Satellite TV is installed for your entertainment and the internet can be accessed from the comfort of your room.


Throughout the day, your room’s small tea and coffee bar allow you to enjoy a hot drink whenever the fancy strikes you. Your valuables are well protected in the safe and a modern air-conditioning system sends a cool breeze blowing through your home away from home.


The Sugar Beach offers 146 Standard Rooms with forty square metres each. The ambience is elegant and highly welcoming. The room category Superior refers to 92 Ground Floor Villas that also feature forty square metres each.


However, the ultimate luxury treat at the Sugar Beach Hotel are the two Villa Suites. Generous 80 square metres provide plenty of space to spread out. Even the most discerning guests are pleasantly surprised by the superb standard of the units on the Indian Ocean.


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The Sugar Beach’s activity program is as superb as the luxury hotel’s location directly on the Indian Ocean. Needless to say, that all water sports constitute an elemental factor of the program.


It read more » is no wonder everyone is thrilled about the water sports options. The deep blue sky, high temperatures, white sand beach and crystal-clear water are a standing invitation to all those who admittedly grow webs between their fingers.


Discover the exciting underwater world on a dive or enjoy the scenic view soaring high into the sky parasailing. Set the sails and point the bow towards the horizon on a sailing excursion or board one of the glass-bottom boats for a comfortable view of the world beneath the waves.


Cast out a line and pull in a big catch on a deep-sea fishing trip or ride the breakers rolling in from the ocean. There is so much more on tap: take a kayak out onto the lagoon or don snorkelling equipment.


Back on land, accept the challenge of a tennis match or set out to discover the sights of the island, on either a mountain bike or high atop a noble steed, on one of the horse riding excursions.


After a long day filled with excitement, wind down at the Sugar Beach’s first-class spa. Of course, you may also decide just to relax by one of the two swimming pools or on the beach, the tropical sun caressing your skin.


The Sugar Beach and the Sun Resorts chain are a 100% locally owned and even traded on the local stock market. The hotel places greatest importance on involving the local population in the development process.


Apart from providing jobs for countless locals, social institutions like schools or orphanages are supported and local artists promoted. The Sun Resort’s concept is well worth supporting.


Equally important is the protection of the local ecosystem and the hotel goes to great trouble to minimize its environmental impact. Spend you holiday at the Sugar Beach in the encouraging knowledge that you are contributing towards sustainable tourism.


Your stay at the Sugar Beach Resort does not only create employment and funds for social projects, but also sets an example, which hopefully other hotels will someday follow.


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