Stanley Safari Lodge


The Stanley Safari Lodge is an insider’s tip for honeymooners and all those on a quest for romantic solitude. Located on the Zambian shore of the Zambezi River, the Stanley Safari Lodge sits on a slightly elevated vantage point near the Mosi Oa Tunya National Park.


The Stanley’s main building and pool deck feature a magnificent view of the majestic river and the immense cloud of spray the raging Victoria Falls shoot into the sky in the distance.


A stay at the Stanley Safari Lodge is like read more » a journey back through time. The lodge’s quaint design evokes the flair of the Golden African 20s without sacrificing modern comforts.


With a total of only seven luxurious suites, the atmosphere at the lodge is highly private and intimate. Quality materials like natural stone and select timber, decorations in ochre and pastel colours and an abundance of endearing details lend the Stanley Lodge its characteristic charm.


The construction is partly open to allow Mother Nature to infuse the ambience with her graceful beauty. At night, countless oil lamps cast flickering light and dancing shadow: The setting is perfect for a mellow honeymoon night.


Indulge in the romantic vibes and let the caring service team pamper you. Attentive but unobtrusive, the service not only perceives your wishes before you can voice them but also respects when you are enjoying a private moment.


A finely-appointed, semi-open restaurant invites you to savour the culinary delights betraying a strong French influence. The cuisine’s fine creations are best accompanied with a treasure from the Stanley’s well-stocked wine cellar and a spectacular sunset behind the Zambezi River.


The lobby and the adjacent pool deck grant a breathtaking view of the Zambezi and the nearby waterhole which is frequently visited by merrily bathing elephants.


If you took a fancy to the gentle grey giants, you may be interested in going on a safari mounted atop an elephant – it is a memorable experience. Another excursion well-worth the trip is a visit to the bustling town Livingstone.


Those who prefer to spend a day in sweet idleness have found the perfect place at the Stanley Safari Lodge to kick back, unwind and loose oneself in pleasant reverie. The Stanley Lodge will be a lot more than plain accommodation. It will be an experience you will forever fondly look back upon.


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The Stanley Safari Lodge feature a total of only seven suites accommodated in separate thatched cottages. Four of the cottages offer the extravagant luxury of a private pool.


The right suite for you read more » is a matter of personal taste concerning location and design. No two suites are the same. Each one features an individual design line and furnishing.


However, the common characteristics are the high standard, fine comforts and a small garden accommodating a seating area perfect for enjoying a private dinner. Precious wood furniture and thoughtful details underline the uniquely luxurious and charmingly quaint ambience.


An architectural specialty of the Cottages and the Suite Cottages (with the only exception of the Stanley Suite) is the open construction: the front is completely open to allow Mother Nature to infuse the ambience with her graceful beauty. However, your privacy is protected perfectly.


Those on a romantic getaway are well advised to choose the beautiful Honeymoon Cottage which is set slightly apart from the rest of the complex. Roll out of bed and into the private pool and indulge in the gorgeous panorama.


The Family Suite, as the name suggests, is the perfect solution for families and small groups. Especially generously sized and featuring a second bedroom, the Family Suites focal point is the round pool set into the floor.


Supreme comforts and a luxurious ambience are the hallmarks of the Stanley Suite. The large cottage is the only one not constructed with natural stone but designed in a modern fashion. It features exceptionally high quality amenities and an especially large private pool.


No matter which suite you ultimately choose – the Stanley Safari Lodge will unquestionably become your home away from home. Make yourself comfortable!


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The roaring Victoria Waterfalls are certainly the principal attraction at The Stanley Safari Lodge. It is a must-see attraction and one that leaves a lasting impression. Witness the sheer unbelievable read more » display of the forces of nature. Across a width of more than 1600 metres, the water drops straight down for 100 metres.


Another option is to go on safari. The Stanley Safari Lodge offers you the special option to do an elephantback safari. Classic game drives in open all-terrain vehicles are the most comfortable way to track game, guided walks and night safaris the choice for a close encounter with nature.


A large number of activities like rafting and bungee jumping are sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Less agitating but more culturally focused are the excursion to nearby towns and villages. To give you an idea of the options:


• Bungee Jump off the Victoria Falls Bridge – 105m


• Triple Action: the Bungee-Swing, Hi-Wire Flying and Abseiling


• Canoeing the upper Zambezi River


• A visit to Victoria Falls Town on the Zimbabwean shore


• A trip to the 700 year old Mukuni village


• River Cruise on the upper Zambezi River


• Excursion to the Songwe Field Museum by traditional ox cart


• White rhinoceros safari in the national park


The options are sheer endless. On accord of the brisk demand for adventure sports and activities, we recommend you book your excursions prior to your departure.


It is a pleasure for INTOSOL to assist you in the planning of your holiday and to put together an entertaining and educative itinerary. Allow us to assist you with our knowledge and take care of the tedious organisation so you can enjoy yourself to the max. Talk to our experienced sales team – we looking forward to helping you!


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