St. Regis Bora Bora Resort

St. Regis Bora Bora


Invariably, the heart skips a beat when the eyes first set sight on Bora Bora, one of the most beautiful Windward Islands. The name carries a ring that calls forth pictures of fantastic splendour.


And indeed, the glittering expanse of the Pacific Ocean stretches endlessly from horizon to distant horizon before, quite suddenly, the deep blue brightens to bright turquoise met by white beaches, lush tropical vegetation and soaring volcanic peaks.


Having been inaugurated in April 2006, the luxury read more » resort St. Regis is a rather recent addition to the refined accommodations on Bora Bora. A distinctive feature is the beautiful setting of the 83 villas, which are located either on the serene Bora Bora Lagoon or nestle beneath palm trees on the white sand beach.


Of course, you may also choose to reside at one of the spectacular Overwater Bungalows – the welcoming water just an outstretched toe away. Then again, maybe you prefer the Beach Bungalows that boast a private beach section and a hammock for a supremely relaxing snooze tropics style.


Savour the slightly salty breeze that tousles your hair and refreshes your face and rest your eyes on the distant point where the sky kisses the ocean, wedged apart only by the setting sun striking the scene on fire.


The St. Regis Bora Bora's 83 bungalows certainly rank among the most chic accommodations on the islands. Moreover, the luxury hotel boasts a fitness and wellness centre to balance the cuisine's delightful sins. And then, of course, there are the countless water-based activities.


Start the day with a leisurely soak in the Zen Pool or the Focal Pool surrounded by private Cabañas that may be rented for the day. Or sip a cocktail mixed to perfection at the pool bar before visiting the Lagoonarium with its display of coral fish and stingrays.


Immerse yourself in a world of supreme relaxation, refined comforts, cultural diversity, kind and cheerful locals and great natural beauty. Welcome to Bora Bora, welcome to the St. Regis luxury hotel. One of the world's most beautiful islands is awaiting you!


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Timeless elegance, warm-hearted hospitality and supreme luxuries are the hallmarks of the St. Regis Bora Bora – a six star hotel that exceeds the expectations of even the most discerning traveller and read more » easily holds its position among the world's truly great hotels.


All of the St. Regi's Beach and Pool Villas feature a stunningly designed separate living room complete with private garden, pool and shower. Just a few steps separate you from the beach and the ocean's warm water.


The four Beach and Pool Villas are generous 164 square metres large. Slightly smaller, but certainly every bit as luxurious, the Overwater Deluxe Villas (155 square metres) might even score a point against the Beach and Pool Villas where setting and beauty are concerned.


Welcoming ambience par excellence, the décor is highlighted by finest tropical timber and precious marble. The private terrace's centrepiece is a graceful pavilion overlooking the ocean. In total, sixty four villas in this category are available.


Those who would like to add a dash of opulence to luxury may want to consider one of the eight Premium Overwater Villas or Premium Beach Villas. Look forward to an exceedingly spacious terrace graced by a whirlpool.


Later, retreat to your pavilion for a midday snooze and, energies restored, paddle out to your private floating bathing platform complete with a shower. Spread out and make yourself at home on generous 190 to 270 square metres. A private path leads down to the wonderful Bora Bora sand beach.


Finally, the Royal Beach Villa and Royal Pool Villa are the perfection choice for those travelling with kids. However, much more than two bedrooms, the Royal Villas boast stunning views or the neighbouring islands Raiatea and Taha's.


Settle down in the shade in your private garden and cool off with a splash in your pool whenever you get too hot. For your entertainment, a flatscreen TV, DVD player, dataport, internet connection and movies are available.


Surely, everything has been provided for. However, should you really be missing something despite the long list of amenities, the 24-hour butler is immediately at your side when needed. Welcome to Paradise. Time to put the feet up underneath the palm trees!


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The St. Regis Resort on Bora Bora certainly inspires sweet idleness. Kick off your shoes and explore the sensational lagoon pool. A few hours whiled away with a good book or the one or other daydream read more » ... interspersed only with a refreshing splash now and then – just perfect!


The highly exclusive Miri Miri Spa promotes the philosophy of the seven pillars of well-being. Stretch out in one of the seven Spa Suites and allow caring hands to apply a Tahitian and Pacific Rim treatment.


Having restored your energies, you will most certainly be keen to explore beautiful Bora Bora. The gracious island's main attraction is the lagoon with its fascinating underwater world.


A glass-bottom boat, mask and snorkel or full diving gear – no matter how you choose to take a peep beneath the waves, you will certainly discover hundreds of colourful coral fish. Deeper down you may encounter barracudas and sharks that may even be fed on guided dives.


Famous world-over, a part of the lagoon brims with large school of rays, among others the famous manta rays and leopard whip-rays.


Given Bora Bora's great natural beauty, a recommendation certainly goes to hiking. A number of trails start in Vaitape. However, it is highly recommendable to go with a local guide, who will not only point out interesting features but help you keep your bearings.


A classic hike leads to the top of Mount Pahia. According to legend, Pahia was a war god that descended to earth on a rainbow. The hike takes you past lush orchards, forests as well as shady hollows with abundant ferns and orchids.


Those that brave the toil and labour of climbing Mount Otemanu are rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view out over the atoll. And the island's most beautiful beaches are located in the two great bays between Paoaoa Point and Matira Point in the south west.


Moreover, this is also where you will find the legendary Bloody Mary's, a bar and restaurant that is commonly frequented by celebrities, many of whose names are carved into a board at the entrance.


No matter whether you leave your name at the Bloody Mary's entrance or just footsteps on the beach, quite certainly Bora Bora and the St. Regis Resort will stick in your memory and have a place in your heart forever after.


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