Spa Holidays in Australia -

Jungle Spas and Wellness Temples

Australia and refined spa pleasures – a combination that is bound to exceed the expectations of even the most seasoned traveller. The rugged, red dust outback nation has attained a position among the most celebrated spa destinations! The best Mother Nature has to offer! Australia offers healing springs and thermal pools that are complemented by state-of-the-art spa hotels. Experience the fifth continent with all five senses … and find blissful relaxation, perfectly taken care of at the luxurious retreats.

Our Spa Australia section features only the top-notch houses as well as the most exceptional spa concepts to be found down-under – be they located at the heart of the sun-burned outback or hidden deep in the lush rainforest.

A little explored, exotic destination is mystical Tasmania. The renowned Cradle Mountain Lodge features an astounding selection of massages and aroma therapies. The spa nestles just above the crystal-clear river amidst breathtakingly beautiful mountain scenery. At the country’s western far end, the Rendezvous Observation City Perth looks out over the Indian Ocean. Let your eyes feast on the view and your body on a wonderful aroma therapy massage.The Observatory Hotel Sydney puts supreme relaxation within your easy grasp. The variety is overwhelming: All therapies are all in keeping with the five-star indulgence programme.

Australian philosophy, design and nature all form part of the Li’Tya skin and body treatments. Exquisite aromas and soft strokes are elements that recognise the skin as the medium to reunite body, mind and soul – benefitting both beauty and health in countless ways. Australia’s only fashion hotel, the Hotel Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast excels at massages, baths, fitness and beauty treatments that include professional hair-care and aroma therapies.

The spa hotels, services and philosophies throughout the vast continent Australia have grown exponentially both in number and quality. The INTOSOL dedicated travel consultants have compiled a list with the finest houses that currently exist. Just get in touch and it will be a pleasure for us to design a holiday that features some the most sophisticated spa hotels available down-under!
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