Southern Ocean Lodge


The readers of several travel magazines agree: The Southern Ocean Lodge is Australia’s number one luxury lodge!


Resting, almost floating, atop a lonely cliff, the Southern Ocean Lodge commands a magnificent view out over the storm-swept Southern Ocean and Kangaroo Island’s pristine natural beauty.


Finest accommodation and a spectacular setting: The Southern Ocean Lodge perfectly strikes the balance, fusing sophisticated comforts and unspoilt nature into a supremely harmonic blend.


The read more » lodge is located in Hanson Bay, on the south-west coast of Kangaroo Island, bordering the two national parks Flinders Chase and Cape Bouguer / Kelly Hill.


The rugged cliff, the pounding surf and the elegant design create an intriguing backdrop. Moreover, the location is just ideal for exploring the island’s many sights.


The Southern Ocean Lodge features a modern art deco design, unique to Australia. Glass is one of the dominant construction materials and abundant panorama windows grant a view from just about any room – the restaurant almost allows for a 360° degree view.


Sustainability is another priority issue at the Southern Ocean Lodge. Only ecologically friendly materials were used in construction and even the first-class cuisine predominantly relies on fresh, local ingredients.


In the past, Kangaroo Island has been called Australia’s Galapagos: the island is brimming with wildlife. Introducing you to the island’s ecosystem, the Southern Ocean Lodge can arrange a number of exciting excursions, on your request, even in the form of a private guided tour.


Having exhausted yourself out and about, come home to the Southern Ocean Lodge and unwind in fine style, indulging in the state-of-the-art spa – another fine example for the lodge’s commitment to excellence!


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The Southern Ocean Lodge’s 21 luxury suites all share one common feature: a uniquely stunning view out over the wind-swept coastline and infinite ocean beyond. A rugged scenery and pristine nature – read more » Kangaroo Island is unspoilt wilderness par excellence!


The beauty outside is possibly even surpassed by the sophisticated interior design: Giant beds, a stylish sitting area and glass bathrooms complete with a spa underpin the Southern Ocean Lodge’s contemporary elegance.


Needless to say, that each suite boasts a marvellous terrace with outdoor furniture and a day bed. It is just the right setting to kick back and unwind, a drink in hand, eyes resting on the distant horizon.


Further amenities are the walk-in wardrobe, a courtesy room bar, air-conditioning, under-floor heating, internet connection, MP3 sound system, a safe and a telephone.


Natural design elements, like sandblasted lime floors and gum tree walls characterise the design and are accentuated by works of art and modern, tailor-made furniture.


However, there are a few hard choices to face at the Southern Ocean Lodge: The distinguished guests may choose between various suite categories, namely the Flinders Suite, the Ocean Retreat or Ocean Family, the Remarkable Suite and the Osprey Pavilion.


Doubtlessly, the Osprey Pavilion is the Southern Ocean Lodge’s crowning jewel. On 120 square metres, guests are pampered with refined luxuries and a mesmerising panoramic view out over the white sand beach and rugged coastline!


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Kangaroo Island is the ideal destination for all those that enjoy wildlife watching in an unspoilt environment. Australia’s third largest island is only an hour away from Adelaide and easily reached read more » by air or sea.


The relentless surf, the jagged cliffs, lonely beaches, deep-blue ocean, sweeping eucalypt forests, small bays and hidden caves … explore Kangaroo Island pristine nature in all its glorious beauty.


The wildlife on Kangaroo is equally diverse and abundant. Keep your eyes peeled for echidnas, koalas, kangaroos, wallabies and penguins. With hardly any natural predators on the island, the wildlife is uncommonly trusting.


Certainly, Kangaroo Island is one of South Australia’s great highlights and a several days’ stay is highly recommendable. It is a pleasure for the Southern Ocean Lodge to make arrangements for you to explore this natural paradise in all comfort.


Private tours with a knowledgeable guide are easily organised. Moreover, the Southern Ocean Lodge also offers complimentary excursions on a daily basis. The tours take you deep into this “zoo without fences”, tracking the island’s wildlife in its natural habitat.


The Southern Ocean Lodge excels at adding a touch of exclusiveness to the tours. The experienced and friendly guides go to great lengths to create a special experience. Visit the sea lion colony at sunset or explore every corner of the vast Kelly Hill Caves labyrinth.


Kangaroo Island, Australia’s Galapagos, and the exceptional Southern Ocean Lodge – a match made in heave. Explore the unique island’s natural beauty and abundant wildlife at your leisure. Kangaroo Island is an unforgettable experience!


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