South Africa

Birding Safari in South Africa with INTOSOL

Ornithologists and birding enthusiasts agree that South Africa’s national parks are a paradise for bird watching. The population densities are unusually high and include a number of very rare species.

The nature reserves located on or close to the Indian Ocean are a home to numerous seabirds, among others the majestic African Fish Eagle.

Several safari lodges offer specialised bird watching tours into the African bushland. And, of course, a birding safari hike is the best way to get close.

Experienced rangers lead the observation hikes. Apart from being intimately familiar with the different habitats, species and calls, they are a wealth of information on natural history.

Countless islands, many of which are inhabited by seals, lie off the Garden Route coast. A glowing recommendation goes to the excursion targeting these islands.

With just a little luck on your side, you may spot the African Fish Eagle. A good place to start looking is the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve located between Cape Town and the Cape Agulhas.

There are innumerable other birding destinations in South Africa. A pair of binoculars at the ready, allow yourself to be intrigued by exuberant colours, exotic shapes and rare species. Welcome to Africa!

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