Sossusvlei's world-famous dunes

Natural Wonder Sossusvlei Namibia - The World's Highest Sand Dunes

The world-famous Sossusvlei is a clay depression framed by glowing, red sand dunes which lead the list of the world’s highest sand dunes. First and foremost, the dune “Big Daddy” rises above all others with its height of 350 metres above sea level.

The contrast-rich scenery at the Dead Vlei is particularly striking: Almost completely surrounded by soaring red sand dunes, the vlei is characterised by soot-black tree skeletons and gleaming white clay soil. It is a fascinating out-of-this world setting – the landscape, the consummate silence ... an awe-inspiring atmosphere words cannot do justice.

Those who are physically fit and determined to meet a challenge can join a two hour climb up to the top of the Big Daddy, the world’s largest sand dune. As a reward, the descent is a hilarious sliding tumble down the dunes side into the adjacent Dead Vlei – good fun and a unique experience.

The Sossusvlei is part of the greater Namib Desert. Formed over millions of years by the forces of the wind and the ocean, the Namib is the world’s oldest desert and, for example, considerably predates the Sahara Desert.

To the present day, the wind continues to reshape the face of the Namib. A special event awarding the lucky visitor with spectacular sights is one of the rare rainfalls. At the foot of the dunes, a lake of turquoise water quickly gathers, attracting scores of wildlife, before draining just as fast, leaving behind a bizarre clay crust.

The region is a world of competing contrasts: Red sand dunes rise behind withered trees – then, suddenly, a patch of fresh green against the desert backdrop glimmering with heat. No matter which way you turn, the Namib and the Sossusvlei are a photographer’s dream.

Especially during the early morning hours when fiery red light cast its charm upon the scenery, the unique atmosphere and the desert’s serene tranquillity amount to a stirring experience no other place on earth offers in this intensity.

In the immediate vicinity, another spectacular sight is well worth a visit: the Sesriem Canyon, a narrow chasm one kilometre long and thirty metres wide. Approximately 60 kilometres north of Sesriem is the Gondwana Namib Park featuring the famous Petrified Dunes the geological ages rendered solid stone.

Allow INTOSOL to introduce you to one of the world’s most striking natural sceneries. The sheer beauty of it will leave you breathless!

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