Singita Lebombo Lodge


Without any room for doubt, the Singita Lebombo Lodge situated at the heart of the Kruger National Park is one of the world’s most exclusive and finest safari lodges. The stunning, airy designer lofts, featuring wide glass fronts, cling to basalt rocks rising high above the Sweni River and the savannah.


The inspiring position and the stylish design are a double dose of glamour consistently transcending even the most discerning guest expectations. At the Lebombo, high on the hill, guests will read more » nestle into a uniquely luxurious eagle’s nest.


Just like the other Singita Lodges “Ebony” and “Boulders” at the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, the Lebombo Lodge was awarded with the title “Hotel of the Year” in 2004 and has duly been added to the renowned “Relais & Chateaux” collection.


The approximately 150 square kilometre large reserve is situated at the foothills of the Lebombo Mountains forming the natural boundary of the Kruger Park with the neighbouring country Mozambique. It houses one of the largest wildlife populations of the entire Kruger Park.


The Singita Group and the Lebombo Lodge are the only private investors which succeeded in procuring a concession to found a private reserve in the middle of the Kruger Park. Closed to all other vehicles, the reserve is exclusively accessible for Singita’s distinguished guests.


Far off the beaten track, the Singita concession protects unspoilt nature not tread upon by as many tourists as is the case at Sabi Sands – a magnificent experience in the remote bush!


A truly exceptional lodge, the 21 comfortable suites will pleasantly surprise even the most seasoned traveller. The spectacular lofts furnish an environment of privacy, refined luxury and purist ambience.


Lebombo redefines the safari experience. Especially the loft just above the waterhole offers breathtaking wildlife observation opportunities. Simply take a seat on the veranda and let the spectacle begin: One by one, the animals will approach the water for drink.


The suites higher up the basalt rock, however, offer the better vantage point for breathtaking, almost dizzying views of the savannah and the river below. Talk to our team of expert travel consultants. It will be a pleasure for us to reserve a special suite according to your personal preferences.


On your private terrace, a day bed is available for leisurely indulgence but, on your request, it can also be prepared for the night. Star gazing accompanied by the smells and sounds of the African bush at night… cherish the thin line between waking reality and invading dream.


The high quality safaris are remarkable and extremely recommendable. Every detail has been thought of, down to the hot water bottle in the chilly morning hours, to ensure you get the most out this lifetime experience. The rangers are highly skilled; their sincere enthusiasm for Africa’s pristine nature is contagious.


Members of the Intosol team have visited Lebombo as recently as 2005 and spent unforgettable days at this natural paradise. Call us, have a chat and let us delve into fond memories sharing our personal experiences with you.


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Who has not dreamed of spreading wings and soaring high above the ground with all the eagle’s majestic grace?


While the Lebombo Lodge cannot literally fulfil this dream, the superb lofts high above read more » the African savannah do feature an eagle’s perspective onto the land and the Sweni and Nwanetsi River far below.


Both Lebombo’s exquisite design and the location on the fringes of the Lebombo Mountain Range, overlooking the meeting point of the two rivers, could not possibly be any more spectacular.


The modern luxury suites have been constructed from selected timber and glass, large panoramic fronts opening unto the breathtaking scenery. Facilities like air-conditioning and a safe are naturally included.


Each of the finely-appointed suites features a private timber viewing platform complete with an external shower. Let the steaming hot water caress your body while loosing yourself in the magnificent sight of the bush reaching for the horizon.


As an alternative to spending the night in the highly comfortable bed, guests may request to have the day bed on the veranda prepared for the night. Protected by a mosquito net, the night sky and the smell and sound of the wilderness can thus be indulged in before gently nodding off.


Constructing the lodge, the founders’ main intention was to have only a minimum impact on the pristine nature. The stunning result is a state-of-the-art safari lodge in harmony with its surroundings.


Strolling over to the restaurant at breakfast, lunch or dinner time, not only your palate will indulge in delicious delights. The restaurant’s terrace and the incredible view of the Kruger Park are a feast for the eyes, especially when the wild animals cautiously emerge from the jungle to drink at the Nwanetsi River.


The exclusive luxury at the Lebombo Lodge has its price. A night costs around 850,- Euros per person. However, it is excellent value for money. Our recommendation: Plan to spend two or three nights at the Singita Lebombo – as the ultimate highlight of your South Africa holiday!


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At the Singita Lebombo Lodge, two exciting safaris daily, one in an open 4x4, the other on foot introduce the guests to the diverse nature of the Kruger National Park. Experienced rangers and trackers read more » guide the adventures into the thick of the bush, sharing their intimate knowledge of the intricate ecosystem.


The interval between the safari highlights can be spent in an endless variety of entertaining fashions. Why not counter the sumptuous dinners with a work-out at the fitness centre or by doing a few laps in the 30 metre pool?


For those who would rather be pounded and kneaded, the refined ambience of the luxurious Bush Spa is the right address. Located nearby in the “Village”, halfway between the Lebombo Lodge and the Sweni Lodge (also owned by Singita), it only takes a three minute jeep to arrive at this oasis of wellness.


The luxurious facilities feature every amenity to indulge and relax utterly. A sauna and swimming pool are at the guest’s disposition. The spa’s professional therapies range from anti-aging cures for every skin type to classic massages and personalised treatments.


The Lebombo’s extensive wine cellar stores select treasures both from acclaimed South African and international vineyards. The perfect wine to accompany any of the internationally experienced cooks’ delicious creations is always at hand.


The hallmarks of the exquisite fusion cuisine are selected traditional African ingredients blended with classic European flavours. The delectable delicacies are served either in the restaurant’s cosy atmosphere or seasoned by the light of the star and enjoyed around the campfire in the typical African boma just above the river.


Would you care for a romantic candle-light dinner in the privacy of your suite’s viewing platform high above the Kruger Park’s savannah? It will be a pleasure for the attentive staff to set up everything on your request.


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