Shumba Bush Camp


Wonderfully located in the lush Busanga Plains, the Shumba Bush Camp snugly hides beneath soaring fig trees in the northern part of the Kafue National Park.


Flooding in the rainy season, the Busanga Plains burst out into lush vegetation between June and November, attracting countless animals, which gather around the lagoons and rivers.


The luxurious Shumba Bush Camp features an observation deck that commands a breathtaking view out over the scenic landscape populated by Lechwe and Puku Antelopes read more » as well as both the Crowned and the Wattled Crane.


The comfortable Shumba Camp consists of six luxury safari tents, which are built on wooden platforms under a thatched roof. The maximum number of guests is kept low: No more than twelve guests can enjoy the Shumba’s grace at any one time.


The Shumba Bush Camp is open from July to October, the Zambian winter, which is characterised by mild daytime temperatures and cool evenings and nights. Flooded at other times, the winter is the only season that the Kafue National Park is accessible.


Many fascinating activities let the time fly by. Try catching your dinner fishing the river or just settle down with a sundowner to cherish the evening magic of the Busanga Plains. The bar and dining room are wonderfully comfortable, sporting a rustic flair.


Embrace the inspiring landscape of the Busanga Plains and the wild sounds of the bush at night and push the everyday life out of your mind. Mysterious Zambia – you simply have to experience it!


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The comfortable Shumba Camp consists of six luxury safari tents, which are built on wooden platforms under a thatched roof. All of the fine units command a striking view of the Busanga Plain with its breathtaking read more » flora and fauna.


Incidentally, “Shumba” is the word for lion. The camp is thus located at the “place of the lions”, the Busanga Floodplains. Of course, every tent includes private facilities like a toilet and both an inside and open-air shower.


Generously equipped, the tents furthermore feature comfortable king-size beds, which can be separated into two single beds if required. A mosquito net and ceiling fans ensure restful nights with a cool breeze blowing through the tent.


The Shumba Bush Camp is a hands-on experience. The guests themselves help prepare the delicious meals, which are predominantly inspired by the local cuisine. The hearty treats are then enjoyed outdoors beneath the soaring trees.


Despite the wilderness setting, the camp even offers electricity, which runs the ceiling fans, for example. However, guests are kindly asked to use electric appliances sparingly. A fountain supplies drinking water and the camp even offers an efficient laundry service.


At the Shumba Bush Camp, you also enjoy the option to spend a night beneath the awe-inspiring beauty of Africa’s starry heavens. Sleep outdoors and gaze into a sea of twinkling lights before gently nodding off. In the mornings, a stunning sunrise over the African savannah will wake you.



Children of all ages are always welcome at the Shumba Bush Camp. A luxurious accommodation set amidst pristine nature – what more could you wish for?


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The Shumba Bush Camp offers a range of excellent wildlife safaris guided by experienced rangers, who know the local wilderness like the back of their hand. One of the most popular options is the three-hour read more » game drive in an open Landrover.


Antelopes and other grazing herds are abundant in the Kafue National Park. Moreover, visitors are very likely to spot the Kafue’s predators: lions, cheetahs and leopards. More than 500 different species of birds inhabit the park.


In the rivers, crocodiles and hippos soak side by side and about 55 mammal species, including 20 types of antelopes and six different cats, inhabit the region. The wilderness comes alive at the Kafue National Park in Zambia!


Safaris are also offered along the lush river waterways. The rangers have incredibly keen eyes for spotting the wildlife and are a bottomless source of information on the animals’ feeding, nesting and survival strategies.


The guides know exactly where the impressive savannah wildlife is likely to be found and where the predators, leopards, lions, cheetahs and wild dogs, lie in wait. The Kafue is also a highly interesting terrain for birding enthusiasts. Many rare species inhabit the protected reserve.


However, do not forget to take the time to indulge in the Shumba Bush Camp’s magical ambience. Enjoy African flavours and unwind on the sundeck, at the bar or in your luxury tent.


After a sumptuous breakfast, explore the bush on a safari hike. Immerse yourself in the wild beauty of Africa und you will understand why these endless lands are the fabric of so many legends, myths and adventures.


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