Sheraton Abu Dhabi

Sheraton Abu Dhabi


The United Arab Emirates, like no other place on earth, are at the crossroads between the Orient and the Western World. It is a fascinating ambience!


The luxurious Sheraton Abu Dhabi reflects this bi-focal orientation. Its terracotta exterior and exceptional architecture are a landmark that stands out from afar.


The buildings radiate an extraordinary flair – a sensation that is confirmed as soon as you step inside. Thick carpets muffle your footsteps as you pass through the typical Arabian read more » arches.


Apart from its impeccable service and stylish design, the Sheraton Abu Dhabi boasts fantastic views of the Persian Gulf. The location at the heart of lively Abu Dhabi is ideal for every kind of activity.


The Sheraton is set on a 200 metres long lagoon complete with a beautiful sand beach and direct ocean access. Sun, sand and sea are just a short stroll away. And then, of course, there is the Sheraton's fantastic gourmet cuisine.


Settle down in all comfort and relish the elegant flair, the soft candlelight, quiet music, select wine and scrumptious delicacies. The Flavours Fusion Restaurant dishes up first-class international gourmet delights!


A setting on the sea demands a seafood restaurant: The Il Paradiso exceeds even the most discerning palate's expectations. And, as the name suggests, Italian specialities are at the focus at the classic Italian restaurant La Mamma.


Having dined and wined in all style, how about a beer or other drink at the cosy The Tavern British Pub? Maybe a few drinks will get you into the mood to extend the night with a visit to the Zen-ith Night Club.


No matter which of the many bars and restaurants you favour, all welcome you with the legendary Arabian hospitality.


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Tough choices at the Sheraton Abu Dhabi: The distinguished guests enjoy a pick between 140 Deluxe Rooms, 115 Tower Rooms, six Executive Suites, five Tower Suites, two Diplomat Suites, three Royal Suites read more » and the Presidential Suite.


In total the supremely luxurious Sheraton Abu Dhabi offers 272 accommodation units. All are superbly equipped and feature a sophisticated design.


Warm and soft colours charm the eye and the heart. An affection for minute details quickly becomes apparent, for example, in the selection of the finest quality materials only. Design and functionality are the two leading principles.


Step into the wonderfully oriental bathroom and cherish the exotic flair. Draw yourself a foam-topped bath or just refresh yourself with a quick shower.


No matter which room or suite category you ultimately choose, all are comfortably furnished and feature ample facilities. The main difference between the various categories is the size of the unit.


Close your eyes and picture the red hot sun sinking low in the Arabian sky. Help yourself to a refreshment from the mini bar and step out onto your balcony for a quiet moment with your loved one by your side.


And having indulged in one of the many restaurants' delightful treats, cuddle up in large, cosy bed with a movie before drifting off to 1001 dreams.


And the next morning, open your eyes on the splendour around you and make plans for another exciting day in the United Arab Emirates and the Sheraton Abu Dhabi.


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The United Arab Emirates are decidedly avant-garde in many ways. However, the spectacular shopping in the Emirates stands out. The Sheraton Abu Dhabi is perfectly located for an unbridled shopping spree read more » at any of the nearby malls.


Of course, Abu Dhabi has more to offer than shopping: Both experienced players and novices may take a swing at the exclusive Abu Dhabi Golf Club by Sheraton.


A recommendation also goes to the exciting desert safaris. It is an experience that puts you in touch with the Emirates origin and history as much as it inspires awe for the desert's rugged solitude.


Afterwards, refresh yourself beneath a tropical waterfall. The Sheraton Abu Dhabi boasts a spectacular poolscape perfect for enjoying the strong sun with a cool splash every now and then.


Turn up the temperature in the Sheraton's sauna or soak in the Jacuzzi. Or allow caring hands to spoil you with an invigorating professional massage.


Then again, maybe you would like to balance the sumptuous cuisine with a visit to the fully equipped gym? All of the training machines are state-of-the-art.


It is only logical that the location on the Persian Gulf goes hand in hand with a multitude of water sports activities. For example, harness the power of a big engine on a pair of water-skies or skip across the waves on a banana boat.


Welcome to the Sheraton Abu Dhabi – luxury hotel in a superb location. Make yourself at home!


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